High Tech Center

The High Tech Center (HTC) at Bakersfield College features state-of-the-art assistive hardware and software, both conventional and assistive. DSPS Students and users of Assistive Technology (AT) are welcome to use the center year round to learn to use our equipment. 

Students interested in learning more about a specific type of Assistive Technology or AT in general can do so by contacting a DSPS counselor or enrolling in one of our courses.

Hardware and software products in the HTC's collection include the following:

Voice Recognition Software

Screen Reading Software

OCR Scanning/Reading Software

Text Magnification Software and CCTV Magnification Hardware

Idea Generation Software

"Talking" Word Processing Software

Alternative Input Hardware

Each of the HTC's ten work stations features adjustable tables and chairs for maximum physical accessibility. 

To contact the High Tech Center

Call (661) 395-4334 or stop by the first floor of the Library also known as the Computer Commons. The High Tech Center is located in the Northwest corner.

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