Special Testing

Test Accommodations

What are the steps for arranging test accommodations?

The DSPS Counselor or Learning Disabilities Specialist may discuss special testing accommodations with you. In this case, the appropriate accommodations are recorded in your file, and you are given a copy of your Accommodations Checklist to present to your instructor's.

You must follow these procedures each time special testing accommodations are needed:

1. Discuss your need for special testing accommodations with each instructor at the beginning of the semester. If requested, show your instructor a copy of your approved Accommodations Checklist. It is not necessary for you to discuss the details of your disability with your instructor unless you want to. It may be best to see your instructor during office hours.

2. One week before each test, pick up a copy of the Test Accommodations Form from the Assessment Center located in the Finlenson Center. Provide the form to the instructor to complete their portion (they keep the pink copy), then return it to the Assessment Center at least 3 days before the test. If you have any questions, call 395-4735.

3. If possible, remind your instructor of special testing arrangements before the test.

4. You will be required to take the test on the same day as the rest of your class, unless other arrangements are made.

5. Once you begin the test, you will not be allowed to leave the testing area until the test is completed. You should discuss any personal needs with the Accommodations Coordinator ahead of time.

6. Your completed test will be returned to the instructor according to the arrangements detailed on the Test Accommodations Form.

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