Courtesy Cart

What is the Courtesy Cart?

The Courtesy Carts (there are presently two) are electric powered carts used by Bakersfield College to provide mobility assistance to students.

Why is the Courtesy Cart service offered?

Bakersfield College is not required by law to provide on-campus mobility service. The service is provided as a courtesy to students.

For whom is this service provided?

The Courtesy Cart service is available to any student with a verified temporary or permanent mobility impairment.

When is the Courtesy Cart service available?

Service is available Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM (Hours may vary during Summer and vacation periods.).

How can a student arrange for this service?

A: Simply call or come by the Campus Security Center. The telephone number is 395-4848. You can also ask any B.C. staff member to call the Center to place a request for you.

Will the Courtesy Cart service get students to class on time?

It is the studentís responsibility to allow for adequate travel time between classes. Because of the large number of students served, students should not expect reliable service when scheduling their classes back to back.

What are the Courtesy Cart safety rules?
  1. No more than 6 persons on the Cart at one time (including the driver).
  2. No pulling or dragging of people or objects.
  3. People may get on or off only when the Cart is at a complete stop.
  4. Do not ask the driver to drive faster; the driver is trained to drive at a safe speed at all times.
  5. No smoking is allowed on the Cart.
  6. Cart drivers are not allowed to travel into parking lots or off campus.
Is on-campus transportation available for non-disabled students?

No. The Bakersfield College Courtesy Carts are provided exclusively for students with verified disabilities.

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