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Your counseling service needs are now centrally located within the Counseling Center located on the first floor of the Student Services Building.  More specifically, DSPS Counselors, Learning Disability, DSPS office operations, and my office are now located on the first floor of the Student Services Building within the Counseling Center. 

The following counseling related services are being handled by either a General Counselor or a DSPS Counselor.  A DSPS Counselor will assist students with specific disability issues only (see table below). 


New Location
Student Services Building
1st Floor, Counseling Center

DSP&S Counseling

Phone #: 395-4334

General Counseling

Phone #: 395-4421

Application for disability related services

Class Schedule Planning

Assessment Accommodations

Student Educational Plans

Review of medical/psychological information


Authorization of accommodations

Financial Aid Appeals

Disability-related classroom concerns

Graduation Applications

General Disability-related concerns

Transfer Information

Part-time enrollment verifications



In order to better assist you in this transition, as you contact the office support staff, they will ask for the purpose of your counseling meeting in order to help you address your needs.  This would allow us to meet your needs in a more timely fashion.  Diana Kelly (DSPS Counselor) is the primary counselor for disability-related accommodation needs which is supported by Debbie Plant (Adjunct DSPS Counselor) and John (Skip) Hill (part-time DSPS Counselor).

Please note that the closest handicap parking to visiting DSPS and Counseling Offices is the Northwest Parking Lot (closest to the Administration Building).

You can also visit the B.C. Counseling Website for more information!



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