Sign Language Interpreters


Interpreters and Assistive Listening Devices


How can students request sign language interpreters?

Students may call 395-4296 (TTY) to make an appointment with the Deaf Services Coordinator (FA-56) when planning their courses for the upcoming semester. Interpreting services can be requested during this appointment.

Copies of policies and procedures for interpreting services are available through the Deaf Service Coordinator.

What are the policies and procedures for using Assistive Listening Devices?

Students wishing to use an Assistive Listening Device in the classroom may call 395-4334 (V/TTY) to make an appointment with a DSPS Counselor or 395-4296 (V/TTY) for an appointment with the Deaf Services Coordinator/Adviser. You will then need to complete an Equipment Checkout Agreement with a DSPS staff member located in the Student Services Building 1st floor, Counseling Center who will put their name on the daily checkout list for assistive listening devices. The equipment must be picked up and returned each day at the designated times because other students will also be using the devices.

When the student arrives in class each day, they will ask their instructor to wear the microphone and transmitter unit, so that their receiver unit and headphones will pick up the amplified sound. Students must remember to retrieve the device from their instructor before leaving class! All equipment is returned to DSPS for recharge and/or reissue to others.

If there are any mechanical difficulties with the assistive listening device, the student should notify DSPS right away so it can be repaired.

Tip for instructors: Students that use an assistive listening device will bring a small microphone for you to wear in class which amplifies your voice only in their receiver.

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