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How do I begin receiving services?

To qualify for services, a student must:
  1. be enrolled at Bakersfield College;
  2. have a verifiable disability;
  3. have an educational limitation that prevents you from fully benefiting from classes, activities, or services offered to non-disabled students;
  4. need specialized services or instruction in order to mitigate these disability-related educational limitations.
To initiate services, a student must:

Complete an application located in the main DSPS office in Student Services Building 1st floor, Counseling Center. A file will be developed from this paperwork. We will need your permission to send for verification of your disability or we may refer you for testing if necessary. Services cannot be provided until all forms/records are completed and reviewed for eligibility. DSPS is committed to keeping any information the student provides confidential.

When verification of your disability is received, you will need to make an appointment with a DSPS Counselor or Learning Disabilities Specialist. During this first appointment, we will get to know you and your college goals. In addition, an accommodations list will be developed with you to help ensure that your abilities, not your disabilities, will be evident in your college coursework and activities. You will have a copy of this list to share with your instructors when arranging services.

Follow up appointments will be available to continue planning your academic pursuits, to deal with changes in your disability, and to discuss any challenges or triumphs you encounter along the way toward your goals. If you experience frustration with the system or your personal situation, make an appointment in DSPS right away. Hopefully, together we can resolve your concerns.

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