English 53: Reading, Reasoning, and Writing SLOs

Students will

1. Write papers that
  *demonstrate the use of expository and argumentative or persuasive forms of writing
  *demonstrate MLA format and citation
  *show evidence of drafting, editing, and revision to reflect an academic tone and style
  *use a variety of sentence patterns appropriately and correctly
  *use the standard conventions of written English--spelling, punctuation, and capitalization

2. Demonstrate the legitimate use of credible sources by
  * summarizing, paraphrasing sources
  * synthesizing multiple sources
  * avoiding plagiarism.

3. Evaluate and establish the credibility of an author's work

4. Read a complete work and other selected readings around a theme and demonstrate comprehension, critical thinking, analysis, and connection to other texts, situations, and cultures

5. Demonstrate the use of strategies, such as note taking, time management, study skills, goal setting, and college navigation that are needed to be a successful college student.