Mission Statement

The English and ESL department at Bakersfield College supports student learning and mastery of critical thinking, reading, and writing by teaching

1.    Basic writing proficiency;

2.    Transfer level academic research and writing;

3.    Information competency (in conjunction with the Bakersfield College Library and its staff);

4.    Reading, appreciation, and/or creation of imaginative literature for both the specialist and the general ed. population;

5.    English as a second language to meet the reading and writing needs of both international and native students (especially important given that we are designated as a Hispanic-serving institution).

The department serves the diverse student community ranging from recent high school graduates to re-entry or re-training adults.  

These students pursue various academic goals, including the earning of an A.A. or A.S. degree, transfer to a four-year institution, completion of a vocational / technical certificate program, and lifelong learning. 

Since communicating ideas and information is at the heart of an education, the English and ESL department is vital to the college community as a whole.