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American Literature Sites


Literary Studies: Resources on the Net is a British site that provides a number of valuable links.


Literary Resources on the Net is maintained by Jack Lynch of Rutgers University and covers a wide variety of areas.


Luminarium provides links to sites dealing with Medieval, Renaissance, and Seventeenth Century English literature. 


Victorian Web


Romanticism on the Net


The Literature (in English) page of Voice of the Shuttle provides an extensive list of web resources for every period of English literature.  On the VOS home page you can also find useful links to resources for a variety of other disciplines, such as art and history.  VOS is probably the best place on the web for humanities students interested in online research. this is a great place to start.

bulletBritish and Irish Authors on the Web is an impressive site with links to many articles, biographies, and authors' works.
bulletThe Cambridge Dictionary of English and American Literature allows you to search its articles online.
bulletEnglish Literature Resources "These links are intended to provide a useful resource for students on our English Literature distance-learning course, and anyone else studying English Literature."
bulletLiterary Periods is a site that briefly discusses the concept of "literary periods" and how they are labeled and offers an overview of several periods, such as the Renaissance and the Neoclassical Period.
bulletColonial and Postcolonial Literary Dialogues is a resource for students, scholars, and teachers of postcolonial and multicultural approaches to British and world literature.
bulletPostcolonial Web
bulletWeb Resources for Women Writers
bulletVoices from the Gaps: Women Writers of Color
bulletMagical Realism on the Web
bulletThe Modern World (This is the Web’s largest site devoted to exploring twentieth-century experimental literature.)
bulletThe Modern Word’s Scriptorium Pages (The Scriptorium is one of the major sections of The Modern Word, an index of pages featuring writers who have pushed the edges of their medium, combining literary talent with a sense of experimentation to produce some remarkable works of modern literature.)


Analyzing Poetry

bulletExamples of Iambs, Trochees, Spondees, Dactyls, and Anapests (pdf file), by L. Kip Wheeler
bulletSchemes and Tropes (pdf file), by L. Kip Wheeler
bulletScansion: The Feet Upon Which English Poetry Walks, Arnie Sanders
bulletA Look at Scansion Methods, by Caleb Murdock
bulletA Guide to the Theory of Poetry, Manfred Jahn
bulletSome Basics of Poetic Form, by Meegan Kennedy
bulletWe've Got Rhythm, from Kalliope
bulletAnalyzing Poetry, Dr. Kent-Drury
bulletHow to Eat a Poem, by Eve Merriam
bulletA Guide to Verse Forms, by Bob Newman
bulletTable of Metric Feet
bulletWhy Write in Standard Forms?
bulletUnderstanding and Explicating Poetry
bulletWeb Guide for Poetry Explication Contains Multiple Links)

Poems Online

bulletRepresentative Poetry Online
bulletModern American Poetry
bulletThe Academy of American Poets
bulletPoems Online at
bulletPoets' Corner

Drama and Theater Resources

bulletTheater History on the Web
bulletInter-Play: Online Index to Plays in Collections
bulletDramatists Play Service
bulletMonologue Madness
bulletShakespeare's Monologues
bulletSamuel French Bookstores (Plays)
bulletGreek Theater History Notes contains information about tragedy and tragic heroes.


bulletShakespeare and the Globe: Then and Now
bulletShakespeare's Life and Times Home Page
bulletLife in Elizabethan England
bulletRenaissance: The Elizabethan World
bulletRenaissance Resources page of Dr. Wheeler
bulletShakespeare's Monologues
bulletLuminarium's Renaissance Pages


bulletThe Virtual Classroom Glossary of Literary Terms (Virtual Classroom of the Cambridge English Faculty)
bulletGlossary of Poetic Terms (by Ian Lancashire, Department of English, University of Toronto)
bulletGlossary of Literary Terms (Gale and Thomson Free Resources)
bulletGlossary of Literary and Rhetorical Terms (by Jack Lynch)
bulletA Glossary of Literary Terms (Virtual Salt)
bulletLiterary Vocabulary (by Dr. Wheeler)
bulletNotes in the Margin: Glossary Notes
bulletAll American: Glossary of Literary Terms
bulletLiterary Terms
bulletNorton LITWEB Glossary
bulletGlossary of Terms and Conventions