B60 FEE RETAKE Topic Pool

(Fall 2013)


1.                Deported Mexican Illegals’ Safety


The U.S. government recently began deporting many Mexican illegal immigrants to Mexico City as part of an arrangement with the Mexican government. Once the deportees arrive, the Mexican government pays for bus fare and food to return these deportees to their hometowns. Critics argue that these people will often be returned to areas where poverty and gang-related violence are extremely high. Should the U.S. government continue to deport illegal immigrants, or should they find another way to deal with the situation?



2.                Pit Bull Ban in Kern County


A number of counties across the nation have “breed bans” in place, which makes it illegal for citizens to own or possess specific breeds of dogs. The most commonly banned breed is the pit bull, owing mostly to news stories about illegal dog fights and loose pit bulls attacking or killing children. This breed is very popular in Kern County, and in years past, the county has discussed banning pit bull ownership here, as well. Should Kern County make pit bull ownership illegal?



3.      Female Teachers Fired for Modeling


A Texas high school teacher was recently fired when parents discovered nude photographs of her that appeared in Playboy magazine three years ago.  A Florida teacher was dismissed when the school principal discovered bikini photos she had taken as part of a modeling project. Neither school district gave specific reasons for removing these teachers, but some parents complained that these photographs distracted students from learning. Both women insist they did nothing wrong or ever acted unprofessionally on school grounds. Should schools have the right to fire teachers who have posed in suggestive photos?


4.                Kern County Burn Days

Due to the poor air quality in Kern County, the Valley Air Control District wants to further limit the number of days citizens can use their wood-burning fireplaces. The agency states that wood burning worsens the area’s already poor air quality, but many homeowners feel they should be able to use the fireplaces in their homes. Should wood burning be further limited in Kern County?