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   We are always looking for ways to save money, especially right now in this economy. Consumption has becoming a hobby for American people. Surely we always need certain products, but we do not always use what we buy. It is important to educate our children to shop wisely, because they need to realize how much trash is produced and we must to teach them how to save money.

    First, everybody is constantly acquiring products that we do not really need or use. For example most of the people I know change cell phones almost every year, even when they do not have to. They are just changing phones because there are always new phones and new technology coming out that most of the time we do not use or need.

    Second, it is hard to imagine all the trash we produce when we toss all those products we do not want or need anymore.  Once again cell phones are a good example of waste. Most of this waste, if not all, will end up buried in the soil or dump in the ocean. Both methods are contributing to pollution. Even recycling is not good enough to make a difference in our environment compared to the enormous amount of waste there is.

    Third, it is very important to educate our children to buy wisely. Saving money is necessary these days, and we can save money but not buying obsolete products. We will end up saving lot of money in the long run.  In fact, we can take care of the environment and save money.

    In conclusion, we need to educate our children on the benefits of buying just what we really need. We as parents are the pillars of society and it is up to us to change our habits, and set a good example to our children by buying less.  Undoubtedly, it is very important to teach our children about how to reduce contamination by reducing waste.

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