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Share Your Strengths & Weaknesses As A Writer


*Share your strengths and weaknesses as a writer*

1.   Find a group. Then listen as a member reads her essay. On the second reading, listen, take notes and answer the following.

2.   What's the introduction like? Does it grab your attention?

3.   Give the writer ideas to improve audience awareness.

4.   What's the purpose of the essay? Write it down.

5.   What's the main idea? Find it.

6.   Does each paragraph support the main idea? (It should!)

7.   Are all ideas fully developed? (Hint: our senses and Journalism Questions)

8.   Make several observations about the essay.
Observations   vs.   Judgments
"I noticed…"      [Don't make judgments!]
"I'm lost… "      "It's good."
"I'm confused…"      "I like it."

9.   What's the conclusion like? List ways to improve it. Does it leave the reader hanging? Does it bring in a new topic?

10. Additional comments/suggestions.

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