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 Page The BC Food and Nutrition Program offers a program of study that integrates theoretical and practical course work which prepares the student for the food service workforce.  Completion of the appropriate courses can lead to an Associate Degree and/or a Certificate in Culinary Arts, Food Management and Dietetic Services.  Students who participate in these courses gain an understanding of nutrition, production techniques and management procedures. 

This multifaceted culinary program is designed to integrate theory with practical training. The program emphasizes a hands-on curriculum which is utilized in the Food and Nutrition Program's student operated restaurant, The Renegade Room.  Students attend lecture classes on basic cooking skills and then are able to apply those skills in a lab setting where they learn the various aspects of  a fully operational kitchen and dinning room.

The “Renegade Room Restaurant” is the lab where hands on training begins.

2008 Culinary Arts Students and Chef Suzanne Davis

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