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The Child Development Department is proud to announce the FACE/Child Development Department's Student Honoree Award recipient for the 2007-2008 Academic Year: 

April Steward



April is a valued student in our program who hopes to complete her Child Development A.S. Degree during the Summer of 2008.

April has been working as a student intern in the Bakersfield College Child Development Center. She has also served as a Sunday school teacher for ten years, working there with children up to 9 years of age.  Although she originally wanted to be a Kindergarten teacher, she now prefers the hands-on atmosphere of working with preschool age children. April appreciates the opportunity to work with the children at the Bakersfield College CDC and has been enriched by her experience as an intern.  She especially credits Sharon Brown and Lenora Daniels with providing her guidance and inspiration through their work as her mentors.  

Despite being born with spina bifida, this Bakersfield native has not allowed it to keep her from following her dreams. April's passionate desire for true independence is reflected in many aspects of her life, from the large issues to the 'simplest' problems. Despite needing a wheelchair for basic mobility she has chosen an active career in early childhood education and has earned her drivers' license to drive her own car to work.

She is a true inspiration to all students, regardless of which degree they are pursuing, and the FACE department is delighted to honor April for this achievement.



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