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Weigh the "W"! Pledge to pass your classes.

If you say or write your goals, you are more likely to achieve these goals.

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Pledge to Pass

I resolve never to quit, never to give up
no matter what the circumstances,
for as long as it takes to pass this class
because I'm worth it.

Use Your Syllabus

Knowing what's in a syllabus is often the key to survival in a course.
See if you can answer these questions by looking at the syllabus for each of your courses.

  1. Does your instructor include a reading schedule for the semester?
  2. Does the instructor intend to follow the chapters in order?
  3. Are there any chapters that will not be covered?
  4. How many tests will there be?
  5. what are the dates of the test/s?
  6. What kind of items will be on the test (essay, multiple choice, true/false)?
  7. Does the instructor allow late work? Make-up exams?
  8. Is the final exam retroactive?
  9. Are there papers/projects? If yes, what are the topics, deadlines? Are the requirements and guidelines included in the syllabus, or is that information to be provided by the instructor?
  10. Are there eextra credit opportunities? If so, what are they?
  11. Does the instructor grade on a curve or use a standard grading system?
  12. What are your responsibilities if you are absent?
  13. From reading the syllabus, what are the instructor's expectations, areas of focus, pet peeves, etc?

Help Outside of Class


Analyze Your Schedule

Keep track of what you do for an entire week,
and then use this handout to analyze how you are using your time,
where you are wasting time, and develop a plan to make improvements.
Then, use the blank weekly schedule form to make sure you stay on track!

Long Term Project Plan

This work plan helps you determine the requirements of a long-term project
and set up a personal schedule to complete it all by the due date.

» Long Term Project Plan

Planning Calendar

This handy calendar already includes some of the important dates
on Bakersfield College's campus - print it out
and add your own information to keep yourself organized all semester!

Test Prep

Preparing for your tests is important. We've created guides to help you prepare for your tests.

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