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Academic Journal

Guidelines for creating an academic journal, including

Check out the Tool

Broaden Your Horizons

Your time in college offers an opportunity to widen your horizons and explore new areas.
We've created a checklist of ways you can get involved at Bakersfield College
and partake in activities to enrich your life while you are a student.

This resource is available as a PDF and as a Word Document.

Memory Help

Do you need help with memory?

Check out our Memory Tool for a memory quiz, as well as tips to improve your memory.


Pledge to Pass

I resolve never to quit, never to give up
no matter what the circumstances,
for as long as it takes to pass this class
because I'm worth it.

Test Prep

Preparing for your tests is important. We've created guides to help you prepare for your tests.

Textbook Reading

  1. Scan through chapter, looking at category headings, and read picture/ diagram captions, and bold faced words. These are important concepts and ideas and will be
    emphasized on the exams.
  2. Read chapter summary.
  3. Read chapter.
  4. Review chapter summary.


Need Help?

Critical Academic Skills (CAS) Workshops can help you get organized.
The following workshops might be especially helpful:

ยป Check out the CAS Workshop schedule!

Writing Help


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