HOPES is excited in starting a new year full of new projects and members. Last year our organization grew 120% making it one of the biggest engineering clubs in Region 1.

Our club focuses in professional, academic, and community development. Our main objective is to help our members maintain good academic performance as well as obtain the skills needed to compete in the professional world. Our club also provides valuable workshops to Junior and High schools where the students are exposed to the science and engineering world. To see more information about this visit the Media page.

If you are interested in joining or supporting our club please contact any of the officers. Our website is being constantly updated so check it regularly for new information.


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 MEETING Every Other Thursday @3:00pm IN ROOM SE 48

No School on Monday 9/3



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Also do not forget to become a national member. Sign up  now at www.shpe.org


            Thank you for sponsoring us.