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International Student Orientation Program


International Student Orientation

All newly admitted F-1 visa students to BC are required register and to attend a two-day International Student Orientation course (STDV B4- 1 unit).

This course will assist students with foundation necessary to succeed in the new educational endeavor in the U.S. The course will contribute to the ability of students to understand the higher education in the US as well as learning to comply with the Immigration regulations. It addresses many topics such as, Academic advising, registration for classes, cultural adjustments, housing needs, as well as helping new students to interact with each other. Orientation programs are offered in every semester, January and August. Students must register for this course ahead of time.

Fall 2010 International Student Orientation:

Dates: August 17 and August 18, 2010

Time: 8:30 am.-4:30pm.

Location: SS #3a

Topics to be covered

* Academic Procedures and Registration regulations
* Assessment Results and Interpretations
* Course selection and Registration for the semester
* Support Services for International Students
* Immigration Information and advising
* Campus Tours
* Health Insurance and Health Services
* Cultural Adjustment

Bakersfield Colleges instruction for Fall will begin August 23, 2010.

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