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Services for International Students:

The International Student Services is located in the heart of the Student Services Building room # 38 and has the main goal of assisting international students with adjustment to their new culture and educational system in the United states. We offer a range of services for Bakersfield College students whose primary language is not English or who are attending college on a visa . These services include facilitating the admission process, providing pre-arrival information, academic advising and counseling, personal concerns, immigration advising, university transfer planning, specialized orientation programs, and cultural adjustment programs.

The international population who are served through this office come from more than 100 countries around the world. About 50 of these students are on F-1 visa and they represent 26 different countries. Cultural and social highlights include a Teacher's appreciation night , and the annual "international week" in the spring semester complete with fashion show, music, dance, and dinner.

The International Student Program staff are dedicated to serving the international education needs of all Bakersfield College students, by providing services to both international students and American students wishing to study in other countries. Our motto is to provide professional, caring services while providing our students a world of opportunities. The international student counselor is available Monday through Thursday from 10:00 am. to 4:00 pm. We wish you success as you continue your education and life long learning in the U.S.

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International Student Services Staff

Ms. Shohreh Rahman Ms. Linda Allday

International Student Counselor/Coordinator International Admission Technician

Phone # (661) 395-4412 Phone # (661) 395-4432

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