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Regulation for F-1 Visa

Visa Information



1. Foreign nationals who enter the United States on a Visitor or business visa will need to change their status to an F-1 student visa in order to be considered for admissions to the college on a student visa status. Your visa must be valid while your admission application is being evaluated.

2. Evidence must be offered of academic achievement equivalent to an U.S. High School education with a C average in secondary school subjects.

3. Foreign students must offer evidence that they possess sufficient knowledge of the English language to profit from instruction at the college level. Therefore, students must present a minimum TOEFL score of 450 (Paper-based) or 133 (Computer-based) or 45-46 (Internet-based) or place in ESL 3 or higher on the Bakersfield College English as a Second Language Assessment.

4. Foreign students who have attended a college in the United States must show satisfactory academic progress with no grade less than C.

5. Foreign visa students must participate in the Assessment and Orientation program before enrolling in classes.

6. Foreign students on an F-1 visa must present evidence that they are financially capable of defraying all costs during the period of attendance at the college. These costs are approximately $15,000 per school year, which include: housing and living expenses, at least $700 per month; textbooks and supplies $500 per semester; community college enrollment fee, $26 per unit per semester ; health, student center and student rep fees, $19 per semester; and non-resident tuition fees, $2208 per semester (based on $184 per unit, 12 units per semester). There is an additional capital outlay fee of $33 per unit for international students. Fees are payable at the time of registration. Students should anticipate increases each year. Example: 12 units x 26 x 184 x 33 + 19 = $2935 per semester for 12 units

7. Foreign students must certify that their intent is to attend college full-time and that no employment is required. Students shall be required to enroll in no less than 12 units per semester in an organized curriculum, which leads to the Associate degree. They are expected to complete their community college education in no more than five semesters and will be held to the same scholastic requirements as other students.

8. Students who are accepted will receive a Form I-20 and should plan to arrive in Bakersfield about 30 days before classes begin in order to complete assessment and Orientation and to find a suitable place to live. Students must make their own housing arrangements. Dormitory facilities are not available on campus.

9. The college shall attempt to attract foreign students from various parts of the world and may set quotas for specific geographic regions.

Bakersfield College reserves the right to modify its programs, tuition and fees, admission and graduation requirements, schedules and other policies, procedures and regulations without notice.
Rev. 03/2010

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