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How can I get my computer fixed--I need it NOW!
BC Information Services tries to get to every computer problem as soon as possible, but please understand that we are extremely short-staffed
compared with private industry and other colleges. Sometimes there may be delays. We do try to respond to true emergencies quickly, however.

Any request for help will go faster if you call it in to the Help Desk first, extension 4274. BCIS answers that line during normal business hours. Very often the technician can assist you over the phone, and at least get you going well enough until someone can appear in person.

One other, new option is remote control. Some computers at BC can be fixed "long-distance" over the network. You will always be told when this is happening, and in fact it CANNOT be done without your express approval, on the screen. (You will see a little "pop-up" message asking permission, and a continuous display as long as remote control is in effect.)

This can save the travel time (and it's ALWAYS uphill, both ways). The new system can enable BCIS technicians literally to be in two places at

Sometimes this doesn't work, however, and an office visit is necessary. The Help Desk can page technicians "in the field," and sometimes save a trip, so give them as much detail as possible.

Incidentally, the rule of thumb in judging emergencies is that if it prevents instruction--a computer classroom is down and the class is waiting, for example--that takes priority over a single, staff computer problem. Remember that every technician at BCIS is responsible for over
300 computers spread over more than three major locations in Kern County.

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OK, it wasn't an emergency, but is my job EVER going to get done?
If it seems to be taking a long time for your new computer, software installation, or trouble call, give the Help Desk a call at 4274. They may be able to track down the reason for a delay.

Technicians can fix some small things if they happen to be "on-the-spot" for another job. Usually the definition of "small" is left up to the individual technician. If it will take more than about 15 minutes to fix, the tech will usually ask you to start a work order.

Finally, the most reliable sign of an overworked technician is memory loss. That's why we have the centralized system for tracking work
orders. If you catch a computer tech in the hallway to describe a problem, there is a possibility that they may forget. Play it safe and call in a work order instead.

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But it's outside working hours--and I STILL need it now!
BC tries to cover the time period between 7am and 6pm Monday through Friday with on site staff. We will soon establish a phone number that will page a technician that is ‘on call’. This has not been done yet but will be available in the near future.

Whether or not to make a personal visit after hours is a judgement call. Technicians are subject to the same "call-back" rules as any
other employees at BC, and a tech won't generally drive up to the campus unless the situation is deemed urgent. Please be specific as to why you
need service immediately.

If your problem occurs before normal working hours, you may have to leave a phone message at the help desk and wait for a response. The technician operating the help desk reviews phone messages at 8 a.m. sharp and will route them appropriately as soon as technicians are available.

You might also check out the Frequently Asked Questions posted on the BCIS internal web page. In fact, you're reading them now! You may find
that your problem is already covered in these helpful hints. (Number one tip: check to see if your CAPS LOCK key is on. Passwords are case sensitive)

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I need some computer supplies. How can I get a good deal?
Pssst--hey buddy! Wanna buy a printer cartridge?

The faxed advertisement or newspaper ad may look like a bargain for your computer needs, but you may be able to save time and money both by
calling the help desk at extension 4274 if you're looking for computer supplies, printers, and the like.

The college district has an agreement with Stinson's Stationers, for example, for all office supplies including such things as printer cartridges, etc. We can give you the details, and rush orders can be picked up to save time.

If it's computer equipment you need, we are also in touch with many of the major suppliers including Gateway, Sehi products (for all HP printer needs) and so on. She can also suggest the kind of computer you might need for a given application, so you don't buy too much or too little machine for your particular needs.

There are reasons for the District's standardization of equipment, by the way. You may not be aware that the initial purchase cost of a
machine is by far the smallest part of operating a computer. Such things as extra training, troubleshooting of problems, difficulty hooking up to the network and so on can quickly eat up any savings in the purchase price.

A nonstandard "sound card," for example, can interfere with other cards in your computer and take literally hours of technician time to resolve.

Remember--the most expensive computer is the one you can't use, because it's in the shop.

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IS Mission Statement

The Information Services department's goal is to provide a reliable technological environment that allows students, faculty and staff to carry out the mission of the college more efficiently.

Information Services provides the leadership in technological solutions for Bakersfield College. It maintains the data network infrastructure, all computer software and hardware and provides training to staff and faculty on matters of technology.