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I can't get my e-mail. I know I'm typing the password correctly.
One of the most frequent problems handled by BCIS is that e-mails are
not coming through. There are a number of things you can try before
giving up and calling the Help Desk.

First thing to check is whether your CAPS LOCK key (on the left side of
the keyboard) is on. (Usually this causes a CAPS LOCK indicator to
light up on the upper right of the keyboard.

The network doesn't care whether your password is in caps or lower case,
but the e-mail server does. It will reject any password with a capital
letter or a space in it.

If you just forgot your password, you can call BCIS and have us look it
up. Be prepared to prove you're who you say you are, though. We don't
give out passwords to just ANYONE.

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IS Mission Statement

The Information Services department's goal is to provide a reliable technological environment that allows students, faculty and staff to carry out the mission of the college more efficiently.

Information Services provides the leadership in technological solutions for Bakersfield College. It maintains the data network infrastructure, all computer software and hardware and provides training to staff and faculty on matters of technology.