BSI Work Group Products Nov 18 and 19

BSI Faculty Rubric Draft              Potential Assessment Tools (not completed)

Student Development - 8 Factors (Gary)

Student Development Rubric (Gary)

Student Checklist  (Barbara and Robert)

Math Student Self Assessment (Barb)

Student Checklist  Janet, Jenny, and Marcy

Steps to College Success Nancy and Dianne

Counselor's Rubric Jan Connal

ESL Reading Rubric Jenny and Nancy

ESL Rubric Jenny and Nancy from CATESOL

Reading Rubric Bob and Dianne

Math Rubric Robert and Barbara

Writing Rubric Nancy Cook   Potential Assessment Tools Nancy

reading rubric


Important Competencies from ICAS (Intersegmental Committee of Academic Senates - UC, CSU, & CC)

*Math Competencies

*ICAS Statement of Competencies

Basic Skills Success data from SMC

Basic Skills Success Stats

General Information on rubrics

My Website on Rubrics

SLOs for student services developed by Angela Cabarello de Cordero derived from the BSI Poppy Copy 

Rubric for a BSI faculty member


    ESL Reading Rubric

     ESL Paper - begin on page 80 (101 in adobe) with the rubric and benchmarks WOW - Jenny Simons


    *ESL RUBRIC from Catesol

    SLOs for Reading Courses WVM Dianne McKay

    Reading Analysis     Dianne McKay (link is touchy)

    Reading Short Main Idea Dianne McKay (link is touchy)

    Extended Response Reading Rubric WVM Dianne McKay

    Dianne's Rubrics for Reading WVM Dianne McKay

    Link to Various Reading Skills Rubrics WVM Dianne McKay

Writing and Communication

Basic Skills Course SLOSs - Reading, Communication, Writing Bakersfield College

Rubrics on Writing Bakersfield College

Sierra College Rubrics Nancy Cook (Includes Math, Writing and tutoring center rubrics)

Math Rubrics

    Math Rubrics Robert Pacheco

    For the Student's self assessment Robert Pacheco

    Robert's Math Faculty Assessment Robert Pacheco

    Barbara Illowsky Online Math Discussion Rubric

    Refined Math Rubric Barbara Illowsky

    Archer MATH Rubrics Robert Pacheco

    Other Math Rubrics Robert Pacheco

Basic Skills Math SLOs Bakersfield College