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Communication B4 Persuasion 


Extra Credit Event on campus, Tuesday, Oct 27--B.C. Levan Center

The Levan Center for the Humanities and Habits of Mind Team invite you to attend our event, "Capital, Character, & Competence: (It Takes) More than Money,? an evening of business with the best. In recognition of Bakersfield College?s commitment to empowering our students and community, we welcome community business leaders, Bob Meadows, Tim Terrio, and Peter Wonderly to serve as a panel of professionals in their fields exploring the non-cash capital required to be successful in business. This event is in honor of One Book, One Bakersfield, One Kern?s exploration of The International Bank of Bob by Bob Harris.


The event is from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 pm on Tuesday, October 27th in the Levan Center on the Panorama Campus and is followed by a question and answer session between the audience and panelists.

Videotaping and Extra Credit

I am offering extra credit to everyone who views their videotaped speeches on line and embeds comments to the speeches. GoReact allows you to write comments onto your speech as it is playing. You must use the GoReact sign in (available at the bookstore). I will post all speeches onto the site and then you will be able to watch and critique your speech.

I will also be adding critiques to everyone?s speech that wants critiques. Please let me know if you want to participate in this extra credit assignment.

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This second link is a satirical look at the same speech a few years later.



Communication B5 Rhetoric and Argumentation

What is Debate?


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