Extra Credit Convention Speeches


You will be writing an analysis of ONE of the speeches from the Republican or Democratic convention on (1.5 to 2 pages Typed, single spaced)

The analysis should include your own opinion regarding the effectiveness of the speech and a separate section that includes comments from experts about the same speech. You and the expert may agree or disagree.

Your section should be general and include the areas of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos, as well as delivery –verbal, nonverbal— and content. The best approach is to determine what you believe the speaker’s goal was; to entertain, to inform about the general values of that party, to attack the other party, to appeal to a certain group of voters, like women, minorities, senior s, etc. Once you have determined the speaker’s main goal, and then decide whether the speaker was successful and why. Use some key quotes from the speech

The expert section is your reporting on what one or more of the main political experts thought about the speech. To find some balance. If you are using one expert who obviously supports the party then find another expert who does not. If you are using remarks from an unbiased source, be sure to give his or her credential too. Report on whether the expert thought the speech was successful and why. Use several short quotes from the expert.