Essential Points

This speech is designed to help you inform or entertain your audience about something that is a "pet peeve," something that really annoys you, or something, (one, place, idea) that brings you happiness. If you are doing the annoyance speech you will PROBABLY  use "entertainment" as your general purpose. If you are doing the "happiness" speech you will probably use "informative" as your general purpose  In either situation, I want you to use the following outline format. Remember, choose a topic you are really comfortable sharing so that you can best enjoy this first speaking experience.

Introduction: There are two purposes for this speech intro, to get our attention and to reveal your thesis. For example,

"Last week I was shopping when someone kept getting real close to me in the check-out line. (This gets our attention) This really makes me feel creepy for two reasons--it is an invasion of my personal space (This will be your first Roman Numeral) and I just know they are going to give me the flu or a cold." (This will be your second Roman Numeral.)

This introduction does not last more than a few moments and it gets our attention while briefly identifying your major points.

After the introduction you will develop two major points or Roman Numerals. For the above thesis your outline could look the one below:

I. People close to me in line bother me because they invade my personal space.

   A.  I have a very large personal space. (Your capital letters are always broad statements which directly support the Roman Numeral.)

        1. I drive a big truck so people stay away in traffic. (The small numbers or Arabic numbers provide specific examples to support the Capital  letter.)

         2. My furniture (Huge chair)

   B. I get freaked out when people are too close to me.

        1. me at  party.

        2. me at beach July 4.

II. I know people close to me will make me sick.

   A. I hate being near sick people

        1. they sneeze on you.

         2. they get really close to you.

   B.  I hate being sick.

         1. missing school.

         2. missing work.

This is a speaking outline. You will use something similar for your first speech. A speaking outline is one which gives YOU enough information to remember your points but not so much that anyone else could read it and give the same speech. Look at the outline (I. B.). These simple phrases are enough for someone to remember the points but certainly not enough for anyone else to give the speech.  This is why you must practice because your speaking outline is not the entire speech.

Minimum Requirements:

Time: 2:00-3:00

Research: Your favorite stories.

Grading: See below

Delivery (20 points)

EYE CONTACT: You must maintain solid eye contact with us. You must strive to look around the entire room, not just at a few people or at the ceiling. You can refer to your notes but you must not read from them.

GESTURES /BODY MOVEMENT: I want to see comfortable and natural gestures so do not use the podium. You can certainly hold your outline or note-cards.

VERBAL: I want to hear you be excited about your topic. Show us your enthusiasm--even if only a little. Please, Please, PLEASE don't hide behind your notes  never vocally demonstrating why you chose this topic.


Content (20 Points)

INTRO/THESIS/CLARITY: (5) By the end of your speech we should know your thesis. We should understand what either angers you or brings you happiness.

ORGANIZATION: (15) Your Roman Numerals must clearly cover separate but equal aspects of the speech. (They should not be identical or cover the same information but rather equally--in terms of time--cover separate aspects of the topic.) Your sub points--the Arabic numbers--should develop small examples,  anecdotes, or any kind of personal proof to support your Capital letters. Follow the sample outline and you should do well.