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B21 and B22


  In order to improve pronunciation, learners may need to build    
  up unused muscles in their mouths and build the habit of making
  sounds correctly. Tongue twisters in which difficult sounds are
  repeated or contrasted are the calisthenics of pronunciation

  Directions: Choose the tongue twisters which practice the
  sounds you are working on. Listen, and then repeat them three
  to five times daily. Start saying them slowly and as your  
  pronunciation improves, say them more quickly.

  Tongue Twisters for Vowels

  1.  Practice with many vowel sounds /ε/, /a/, /ә/, /Ι/, /ś/

  Betty Botter bought some butter, but she said "This butterís   
  "If I put it in my batter, it will make my batter bitter."
  So, she bought some better butter, better than the bitter butter.  
  When she put it in her batter, the butter made her batter better.

  2.  Practice with many vowel sounds /ś/, /a/, /aw/, /ә/, /ay/

  Gnats are not now gnawing on the nuts at night.

  3.  Practice with /iy/ and /I/ listen

  The sheep on the ship slipped on the sheet of sleet.

  The keen king kissed the quick queen on her green ring.

  4.  Practice with diphthongs /ay/, /aw/, and /oy/  listen

  /ay/ Quite nice white mice

  /aw/ How now brown cow

  /oy/ The spoiled boy foiled the coy boyís joy by purloining his 

  5.  Practice with /ow/  listen

  Joe told a joke he wrote on his own.

  I know thatís not the note that Noel wrote.

  The coat from the coast cost more than most

  6.  Practice with /uw/, /u/, and /ә/  listen

  Make some fun, funky food and with some luck
  You can bake a kooky cookie or stew a stupid duck
  You can look it all up in a cool cook book
  Or you can find a good excuse why you shouldnít have to cook.

  7.  Practice with /uw/  listen

  There was a rude dude in the mood for food.
  Whenever he chewed we all viewed his food.
  The better the food, the more he chewed,
  So I served crude food to this rude dude.

  8.  Practice with /u/  listen

  How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck  
  could chuck wood?
  If a woodchuck could chuck wood in a truck, would a
  woodchuck cluck while the wood was chucked?

  9.  Practice with long and short vowels  listen

  Put the bad bat back in the bag.
  It didnít faze the thief to thieve in my face.
  He let himself be led to the place for the plays.
  The man in the cap had a hat and a cap.

Tongue Twisters for consonants

  1.  Practice with /ū/, /θ/ (TH)  listen

  Thirty thousand thirsty snakes thirstily drank three thousand  

  Whether the weather is cold, or whether the weather is hot,

  Weíll be together whatever the weather, whether we like it or  

  2.  Practice with /r/, /l/, /n/  listen

  ĎRound and Ďround the rugged rocks the raggedly rascal ran.

  Little Lucy likes to lick lemon-lime lollypops.

  Nice Nancy nibbles nervously on nuts.

  Red lorry, yellow lorry

  Little Red Riding Hood

  3.  Practice with /s/, /z/, (SH), (CH), /dz/, and /y/  listen

  Suzy sells seashells by the seashore where the sun shines on the
  shop signs.

  Yellow Jell-O, cherry cheesecake, sweet sugar cookies and a
  chocolate chip shake.

  4.  Practice with /p/ and /f/  listen

  Note: (Be very careful with this one!!!)

  Iím not a pheasant plucker, Iím the pheasant pluckerís son,

  And Iím only plucking pheasants until the pheasant pluckers  

  5.  Practice with /b/ and /v/  listen

  Thereís a ban on vans at the curb by the curve.

  Iím very bad at volleyball, but very fine at basketball.

  6.  Practice with /p/ and /b/  listen

  Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

  Barney Babbitt bagged a bushel of big blue berries.

  7.  Practice with /v/ and /w/  listen

  We are very weary of wearing white woven wool.
  We wish to wear vivid violet velvet vintage vests.



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