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Academic Vocabulary Format

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Academic Vocabulary Notebook Format

Impulse   /              /  ( noun)

Other Word forms:
Impulsive  (adjective)
Impulsively (adverb)
Impulsiveness (noun)

Collocation: do something on impulse

Book sentence (p. 8): "They just can't resist the impulse."

Definition: A sudden strong desire to do something without thinking about the results

Dictionary Sentence: The impulse to blame someone else is strong.
The bill will prevent people from buying and using a gun on impulse.

My sentence: I don't shop on impulse; I think before I buy something.

I think McCain acted impulsively when he picked Palin as his running mate.

Word: _______________  /              /  Part of speech: _______

Other Word forms:



Collocation: ____________________

Book sentence (p.   )  _______________________________________________

Definition: ________________________________________________________

Dictionary Sentence: _______________________________________________


My sentence: _____________________________________________________


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