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Jenny Peters
Jenny Peters

Thank you for visiting the Student Development (STDV) Educational Planning Courses web site for Adjunct Instructor and Counselor Jenny Peters. This site is intended to provide useful information, links, and documents for current Bakersfield College (BC) students enrolled in one of my classes. However, anyone interested in learning about educational planning, developing study skills or career research is welcome.

Student Development B1 — Educational Planning

STDV B1, Educational Planning is a 0.5 unit class "[d]esigned to assist students in understanding college requirements and to help them in making educational plans," according to the Bakersfield College catalog, 2016–2017. This class satisfies the educational planning requirement. It is designed for students that have decided their educational goals and major. For more information about the Educational Planning course, go to the STDV B1 page.

Student Development B6 — Tools for College Survival

STDV B6, Tools for College Survival, is a class about self‐exploration, study skills, career research and educational planning. The 3‐unit class staisfies the educational planning requirement. You will find syllabus, presenations, assignments and information on the STDV B6 page. Even if you are not enrolled, there is information about educational planning, career research, self‐exploration and study skills that you may find useful.

What You Need to Know About Guided Pathways

There is a massive movement in the U.S. to improve community colleges' roles in students' goals. Everyone wants a job, career or improved skills to help them in the workforce. Community Colleges across the nation are redesigning access to completion of your goals in a timely manner. The changes in process include partnerships with high schools and universities to help young students achieve their dreams by using cohorts of faculty and staff for early assessment, career development, and a 10 year plan all the way through the highest education, or whatever your goal may be. The role of the Community College is changing from a cafeteria style to a meta-major pathway to your career. You will receive guidance and encouragement along your guided pathway with clear marks in GPS fashion. Enjoy your journey. Ask for clarity anytime.

Pathways Outcomes and Assessments (GPS)

Outcome Assessment
Clarify pathways Education to prepare for employment destination
Choose one of nine Meta‐Major pathways
Career Assessment and Research
Enter a pathway 10 year educational planning
Multiple‐measure assessment
California Acceleration Project
Encouragement on pathway Academic Support Services Awareness
Cohorts of students/faculty/staff
Degree Works/CSEP
Ensure student learning outcomes Transfer and Major specific requirements
Acceleration Project
Measure Student Learning Outcomes
Learn by doing
Group projects
Applied learning experiences