MathB1A / Fall 17
Bulletin Board

The first exam (part 1)  covering Unit R will be on Thursday, August 24, 2017. This unit can be found in the course reader or printed out by the following link: Unit R Notes

The following homework should be printed out and worked on along with the WebAssign homework.

     Hw Unit R

     Hw Unit 1     Hw Unit 2     Hw Unit 3

     Hw Unit 4     Hw Unit 5     Hw Unit 6

Webassign is a required part of this course. This where you access
the online homework which accounts for 10% of your grade.
Periodically there will also be online quizzes which will be access
through this software. Do not hesitate to contact WebAssign for
technical support. You can cantact them through e-mail while in
WebAssign or by the phone number below.

WebAssign Support: (800) 955 - 8275






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