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Volume 3, Issue 1, 2015
Faculty Towers

Matthew Woodman
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     --for Michael Flachmann and Victor Lasseter

Hurricane.  Earthquake.  We all have our fears.
Being alone.    Or not being alone.
We scribble and practice riding the years
as though text could keep us from being thrown.

If nothing else, remember this: perform
the throw: Kōhō ukemi (backwards

roll).  Ready?  Let us tumble to the score
“Love Hurts” rendered by Emmylou Harris

and Gram Parsons, the album Grievous Angel.
Still standing?  I recommend the
(sideways fall).  Wave to playful
children and sky-eyed sheepdogs, for they know

what it’s like to be coiled and sprung. 
Ukemi;  tobu
both to jump and fly.

Note:  In Judo ukemi refers to the various falling techniques that are an essential part of Judo.  Tobi ukeme specifies one such fall, the Forward Flip.

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