LECTURE NOTES - Heiman, G.W.  (2015) Behavioral Science STAT, 2nd ed. Belmont, CA: Cengage.

Chapter 1- Introduction to Statistics and Research

Chapter 2- Creating and Using Frequency Distributions

Chapter 3 - Summarizing Scores with Measures of Central Tendency

Chapter 4 - Summarizing Scores with Measures of Variability

Chapter 5 - Describing Data with z-scores and the Normal Curve

Chapter 6 - Using Probability to Make Decisions about Data

Chapter 7 - Overview of Statistical Hypothesis Testing: The z-test

Chapter 8 - Hypothesis Testing Using the One-Sample t-test

Chapter 9 - Hypothesis Testing Using the Two-Sample t-test

Chapter 10 - Describing Relationships Using Correlation and Regression

Chapter 11 - Hypothesis Testing Using the One-Way Analysis of Variance

Chapter 12 - Understanding the Two-Way Analysis of Variance

Chapter 13 - Chi Square and Nonparametric Procedures