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Useful Links


Anatomy & Physiology Online Learning Center --Use all semester long to practice each chapter.

Mitosis (Cell division) Quizzes and pictures

Meiosis (Animations and information)

University of Minnesota WebAnatomy (Self-tests, Anatomy and Physiology games!!!)

Tallahasi Community College Website -- Instructional videos of models in our laboratory!!!!!

Bone Labeling Exercises McGraw-Hill:

Functional Unit of Muscle -Sarcomere by Harvey

Sarcomere Shortening McGraw-Hill:

Muscle ContractionBrook/Cole Chemistry:

Muscle Cell Contraction Wisconsin Online:

Neuromuscular Junction Simulation GalaxyGoo:

Neuromuscluar Junction by Harvey Project:

Sodium Potassium Pump Campbell Interactive Chemistry

Pelvic Muscles, Nerves, Bones, Visera Columbia


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