Bakersfield College Math Student

Cordell Davis

At the MAA Southern California Spring Meeting-1999

Bakersfield College student Cordell Davis presented his project, The Sound of Science, at the Joint Meeting of The Southern California Sections of the Mathematical Association of America on March 13, 1999.  The meeting was held at the University of California, San Diego.

Cordell Davis, Becky Head and Dr. Davis (Cordellís father)

The Sound of Science

Maurice Ravelís Bolero has captivated listeners since its first performance in 1928.  By defining music as Dpitch/Dtime, this project takes a mathematical look at Ravelís timeless classic.  The poster explores how changes in pitch accompany changes in time, using the instantaneous derivative to identify patterns in music. 

 Becky Head (mathematics) was the faculty co-coordinator for the entire poster session project and advisor to Cordellís project.