Mission Statement:  The purpose of the BC High School Outreach Committee is to reach out to math faculty, and to develop a better relationship with our high school counterparts.  Also, we want to interact with high school students and let them know what BC has to offer with regard to math classes and educational opportunities at Bakersfield College.


Background Information:  The HSO Program is supported by BC Math faculty.  A committee was formed the fall of 2006 and its current members are Regina Hukill (chairperson), Rebecca Head, Tom Greenwood, Thomas Mieh, Kris Toler, Kurt Klopstein, Maria Perrone, Carol Smith, Pat Serpa, and Janet Tarjan.  The committee supports the following activities: Visitations to local high schools, BC Math Articulation Day, and College Night.


Calendar of Events:              Spring 2009 Visitations made to Bakersfield High School  and Frontier High School

                                                Fall 2009  College Night, and BC Math Articulation Day

                                                Spring 2010 High School Visitations


About HCOP:   A power point presentation on this program


Former BC Math Students:  Where are They Now?   (a power point presentation)