Using A Temporary Access Code To Get Started On ALEKS Now


Your Course Code for Math 50 is: HWJT3 64XRL

Your Course Code for INCOMPLETE Math 50 is: RDG4K WAY9L

Your temporary access code is: 4E4EF 990DA 8407D 60469


Your Course Code for Math 60 is: QN9TV PCHWH

Your Course Code for INCOMPLETE Math 60 is: WDM3H UFHW6

Your temporary access code is: 03419 FFC8F 93E3C 26CDD


Your Course Code for Math 70 is: DQUFC NELN3

Your Course Code for INCOMPLETE Math 70 is: UTRDP YKQCG

Your temporary access code is: 8A300 86BF7 4157E 141A0

 Your Course Code for INCOMPLETE Math D is: FFDNW 6TQ4T

Your temporary  access code is: 86A88-308BC-D8269-219DC


These temporary access codes are available to INCOMPLETE students who are beginning work as an Incomplete student for the first time:

MATH 50: 299CF-9F3D5-BD338-53620

MATH 60: EEB1E-B6B8D-3FA10-E704D

MATH 70: E8FFF-99B5C-692B3-5C5F0


MATH D: 86A88-308BC-D8269-219DC

The Temporary  Access Code does not add an additional two weeks to your account.

NOTE: This code gives you temporary access to ALEKS for a two-week period. Once the code expires, you will be locked out of your ALEKS account until you purchase a regular Student Access Code. It is highly recommended that you purchase the Student Access Code BEFORE the two weeks expire to prevent interruptions with your ALEKS account.

1. To log into ALEKS using the Temporary Access Code, go to:

2. Click on the "SIGN UP NOW!" link located under the login box on the left of the page.

3. Enter your Course Code in the box labeled "Using ALEKS with a Class?" and click on "Continue."

4. Verify that you are registering for the correct course and click on "Continue." Enter the 20-character Temporary Access Code.

5. Continue with the registration process until your account has been set up successfully.

6. After you complete your account set up you will be logged into ALEKS and can immediately begin working in the course.

7.You can extend your ALEKS account at any time by clicking on "extend your account" and entering a purchased Student Access Code. If your temporary access expires before you purchase a Student Access Code, simply log in to ALEKS and you will be directed on how to extend your current account. You will then be able to continue your course where you left off before the temporary access expired. You do NOT need to create a new ALEKS account to continue your course.

Enjoy your course.

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