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Proctored Assessment Guidelines


The Proctored Assessment is similar to a progress assessment you take on ALEKS, except that we are there to supervise your assessment.  Each proctored assessment has about 30 questions, though it may vary by student.  Allow about 90 minutes to take the assessment, keeping in mind when the Math Lab opens and closes each day. In order to take the proctored assessment you must have an active ALEKS code. You must not be working on a "progress assessment" that ALEKS has already started for you; finish it before you request a Proctored Assessment.

  Prepare to take the proctored assessment in a positive state of mind.  Having positive thoughts such as "I prepared well for this assessment," "I can take this again if I am not happy with my score," and "I will remember what I learned," will enable you to do better on the assessment. Relax and breathe deeply throughout the assessment process.

  Before you take your assessment, please turn off or silence your cell phone, and put away headphones, hats, notes and calculators.  Have your picture ID (Drivers' license or BC student ID) ready, and something to write with.  We will provide scratch paper and a multiplication table for you to use during the assessment.

  You need to sign in at the front desk before taking an assessment. We will ask you which class you are in and if you are a current student or a student completing an Incomplete.  You must sign out with your signature and an end time for the test in order for it to be recorded. During the assessment you must stay in the testing area, you are not allowed to leave for a bathroom or phone break. At the end of your test bring any scratch paper used up to the front desk.

In order to login to the computers in the Math Lab, you will need to know your e-mail address and your Banweb login. You will also need to know your ALEKS login and ALEKS password.

  There are always questions on an assessment that you have not studied before, that is how the program works.  ALEKS is always expanding your view of the course.  When you see a question you don't know, stay calm and click "I don't know".  Move on.

  To begin the assessment, log on to the ALEKS program and the Message Inbox will appear.  Click on the message that says "request new assessment" and go to the bottom of the screen.  Click on the "Done" button for the message and the proctored assessment will begin.

  Please call us at 395-4530 if you have additional questions or concerns about the Proctored Assessment process.  Best wishes for success!


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