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Math B50 - Modern College Arithmetic/Prealgebra
Math B60 - Beginning Algebra
Math B70 - Intermediate Algebra

These classes use a hybrid format. Students are required to come to the Math Lab in the Learning Center at Bakersfield College for Orientation and for all Proctored Assessments. All classes are taught using the Internet-based program, ALEKS. The student may choose to read ALEKS in English or Spanish. The ALEKS website can be found at

Instructor:  Rachel Vickrey, Math Lab Coordinator  |  (661) 395-4530  |

Hours/Location:  The Math Lab is located in the Learning Center, in the Student Services Building, above the Counseling Offices. A stairway is in the breezeway at either side of the building.  Hours are Monday and Thursday, 8:30 am - 5:50 PM and Tuesday and Wednesday, 8:30am6:50 pm and Fridays, 8:30am12:20pm.  (Summer session: Monday through Thursday, 11am6:50pm.)

Required Supplies:  ALEKS student access code. The access code and workbook may be purchased at the BC bookstore front cash register or the Delano campus after attending orientation. It is also available for purchase online from the ALEKS website.

Course Code:  Course Code information for accessing ALEKS is given out during orientation.

Textbook:  The ALEKS program is not textbook specific. Any appropriate algebra book may be used in conjunction with the course. Textbooks bundled with the ALEKS program, Prealgebra by Martin-Gay, and Elementary Algebra or Intermediate Algebra by Dugoploski, are available but not required.  The Dugoploski texts are available to download by section at no extra charge directly from ALEKS.

Grading:  Grading for the class is based solely on results of Proctored Assessments taken on the ALEKS program. Proctored Assessments may only be taken at the Math Lab at Bakersfield College. Students must present a picture ID. Only the calculator provided by the ALEKS program may be used during the Proctored Assessment. You are required to come in at least four times during the semester to test. If you come in four or more times to test, your highest score will be the score that counts for a grade. If you come in fewer than 4 times to test, we will average your two highest scores to get your grade for the course. The grading scale for all three courses is shown below:
Math B50: 100-90% = A, 89-80% = B, 79-70% = C, 69-55% = D, 54% and below = F
Math B60:  100-90% = A, 89-80% = B, 79-70% = C, 69-55% = D, 54% and below = F
Math B70:  100-90% = A, 89-80% = B, 79-70% = C, 69-55% = D, 54% and below = F

Drop Policy:  Each student is expected to put in a minimum of 8 hours each week (11 hrs/week for Summer session) on the ALEKS program. To check your hours, see "Total time on the ALEKS program" under Report. Time on the ALEKS program may be done from any Internet-accessible computer. Student time is checked each Tuesday morning. Excess time one week is credited toward future weeks. Students are required to to put in 4 hours the first week, then 8 hours per week after that. If a student has not done 4 hours in the first week they will be dropped; if they make up the total time during the second week they may request to reinstate. In later weeks if the student is 11 or more hours short on time, the student will be dropped from the course and may request a one-time only reinstatement. If a student becomes 11 or more hours short on time again after being reinstated,  he or she will be dropped from the course a second time and will not be reinstated without permission from the instructor.

Tutoring:  All students are strongly encouraged to come to the Math Lab to get face-to-face, one-on-one help. We definitely do not expect you to work on the program without the help of an instructor. The Math Lab has faculty and staff ready to help you understand and be successful. You may use the computers in the Math Lab when you need help, or whenever you have some time between classes and would like to work on your ALEKS account. If you find you are having trouble with a topic at home, make a note of the topic or print the page and move on to a different topic. Then come to the Math Lab and let us help you. However, we do not offer help with math problems over the phone or by e-mail. Click "LINKS" at the bottom of this page for online sources for math help.

Incomplete Policy:  Students may request an Incomplete grade at the end of the semester in order to complete the class the following semester. A request form for an Incomplete will be available at the Testing Desk in the Math Lab during the last two weeks of class (during summer, last week only).  Details on how to qualify for an Incomplete can be found on your syllabus (distributed during orientation).  If a student fails to complete the material the following semester, the Incomplete grade automatically becomes an F. If you are receiving Financial Aid based on units, the units for your class count only during the semester you originally enrolled in the class.

Transfer Policy: In order to be allowed to transfer to one of the ALEKS-based hybrid Math courses after the 60% drop date (the last day to drop a semester-length class with a W), you must obtain approval from the Mathematics department chair (MS-107E, 395-4331) with a form that can be obtained at the Math Lab.  Once approved, the form must be returned to the Math Lab and you must complete an orientation.  At that time, you will be provided with a transfer form to  take to the Admissions & Records office for completing the transfer process.

Disability Services:  Students with disabilities who believe they may need accommodations in this class are encouraged to contact Disabled Student Programs & Services in FACE 16, 395-4334, as soon as possible to better ensure such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion.

Academic Dishonesty:  Any form of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated and will result in a zero for that assignment. This is the only warning you will receive. See the Student Handbook for possible disciplinary consequences of Student Misconduct at Bakersfield College.


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