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Music B7 (Applied Music) & the MUSIC AA-T

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MUSC B7 Applied Music is for Music Majors and is open only to students who pass a qualifying audition (you must already read music and sing or play an instrument at a minimum skill level). Also, students accepted into MUSC B7 Applied Music must be concurrently enrolled in a music ensemble (MUSC B10A Concert Band, MUSC B12A Orchestra, B13A Jazz Ensemble or MUSC B14A College Choir) AND in the appropriate level of music theory and ear training (MUSC B2 Basic Elements of Music, MUSC B4A/B15A Elementary Theory/Ear Training, MUSC B4B/B15B Elementary Theory/Ear Training, or MUSC B4C/B15C Intermediate Theory/Ear Training)


March 21:  "A Concert of Nonsense" featuring the Bakersfield College Choir and Chamber Singers Guest Artists:  BC Jazz Ensemble, Nick Ono (Tap dancer from Experience Dance), Art Sherwin, Artist Canyon Hills Assemble of God, 7001 Auburn
7:30 p.m.
Suggested donation:  $5 students, faculty, and seniors, $10 general

April 11: Bakersfield College Jazz Ensemble performs at Red & White Wine Festival

May 1: Bakersfield College Instrumental Music Spring Concert
BC Gym & Huddle
7 pm

May 9:  "Oh the Places You'll Go" featuring the Bakersfield College Choir and Chamber Singers and guest artists
Location:  TBA
7:30 p.m.
Suggested donation:  $5 students, faculty, and seniors; $10 general

Trio Céleste Residency

Bakersfield College is hosting Trio Céleste for a short-term residency in April 2014.

The residency will include an afternoon composition workshop, and an evening recital.

Trio Celeste

The Trio will work with composition students on writing for Piano Trio and for the individual instruments that make up a Piano Trio.

The evening recital performance will be open to BC faculty, staff, students, and the general public.