Annual Program Review (APR) FAQ (Draft 14, May 6, 2011)

Who prepares it?

The department/unit

What does the APR look like?

What must the APR reference?

Who receives and responds to it?

How do they respond to it?

Who gets the Rubric Response?

The department/unit

Who gets the Summary Response?

How else is the Summary Response reported to the college community?

In writing via

Who responds to the Summary Response?

The College President and College Council. President writes the response after discussion with College Council.

Who receives the College PresidentŐs response?

The college community.

How does the APR link to the budget?

Through the use of the budget criteria.

What is the timeline?

The APR must be integrated into the budget cycle.
Fall: APR
Spring: Integrated Program Review (IPR), beginning 2012-13

Who conducts training?

Program Review Committee will provide training for chairs/directors