College Council -- April 3, 2009

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Processes & Procedures

The Charge and Procedures were approved at the meeting. Select the link in the previous sentence to view it on the College Council website.

College Goals -- Renegade 2012 / Action 2012

Well, apparently there was a mix-up in what was needed by the April 3rd meeting for the campus-wide input. My thanks to those of you who responded to my query on college goals for 2009/10. There is going to be another opportunity for you ALL to be involved in setting the direction of the college for 2009/10. A web-based survey (using Survey Monkey?) will coming out soon to gather input campus wide with a deadline for submission before May. When the survey comes out, you will have at most 5 days (may be less) to respond, so if you have something to say, take care of it right away. Prioritization of the goals received will be the topic of the subsequent College Council meeting and strong consideration for selection will include budgetary and viability limitations.

The college goals will fall under the Renegade 2012 seven strategic initiatives and "Other" for those new critical things that have arisen since the Renegade 2012 strategic plan was developed in 2007. The concern is that people will focus on very narrow things that would apply to only their department, program, or other unit. Think college-w -i - d - e goals. Also, what are things that can be accomplished in a YEAR?

Here are the seven areas + Other for your reference. For more details, see my March 20, 2009 report.

Renegade 2012 Seven Strategic Initiatives (+ strategies/goals within) + Other

  1. Student Excellence: Improve services to all students and remove barriers to academic and occupational success.
  2. Communication: Improve our internal and external culture of communication by developing comprehensive communication protocols. We will incorporate effective uses of technology with targeted training opportunities within multiple communication venues.
  3. Oversight and Accountability: Improve relationships and connections with all stakeholders including campus constituencies, the district, and the student and business communities we serve.
  4. Fiscal Responsibility: Ensure effective and efficient use of available resources to meet the mission of the college.
  5. Facilities: Create a safe, attractive and well-maintained campus environment (now and in the future).
  6. Image: Enhance the image of Bakersfield College to external and internal audiences.
  7. Linkages: Improve links between campus planning, assessment, program review, curriculum, and budget processes.
  8. Other: Anything in here we know now in March/April 2009 that we didn't know back in 2007/08?

Facilities & Planning

For the most recent Facilities document updating you on what's happening construction-wise on campus, see the April 1st Facilities document posted on the Exchange Public Folders area (the link will take you to the specific document on the Outlook Webserver---you will need to login to the Exchange server using your usual Outlook Web access codes). It is a Word document that will be downloaded to your computer. If for some reason, it doesn't download properly, here's the path to it on the public folders: Public Folders : Bakersfield College : College Council : 08-09 College Council : attachments (and select "Update 4.1.09" link).

Regarding solar energy: the campus has put in a reservation for solar power generation in order to get any state rebates BUT no definite plans have been made. The campus has had some (unknown number) solar power companies come out to consult on what can be done to install photo-voltaic cell generators on the campus. The companies say that our roofs do not have enough strength to support the frames needed to hold the PV panels. From what I gather, the panels that are installed on house roofs do need the heavy frames because the roofs are already sloped to face the Sun, whereas our roofs are flat and would need the frames to orient the panels toward the Sun in the southern sky. The campus is instead looking into creating a shade structure in one (or more) of the parking lots on top of which the PV panels would be installed.

Chris Addington and David Palinsky gave a presentation to the Board of Trustees on the district's initiatives on sustainability ("green technology"). Here's the link to their PowerPoint presentation.

We got a brief introduction to the ARCC report. Each year the district is required to present the Accountability Report for the Community Colleges (ARCC) to the Board, with performance indicators for each college, including comparisons to peer groupings and statewide performance. The report's objectives are to make policymakers, local college officials, and elected boards aware of system and college performance in specific areas of effort and to inform the public about overall system performance. BC is doing very well compared to other colleges in the area of vocational and contract education but only average or below average in the basic skills area and moving students into being prepared for the college-level classes.

Here's the link to the Report for BC: ARCC report to Board of Trustees (also on the Public Folders, and select the Bakersfield_2009.pdf document). Past reports on Student Outcomes are available on BC's Institutional Research and Planning (IRP) website.


Even grimmer since the March 20th meeting. We will need to plan for a 10% cut in next year's budget. We need to come up with a process for meeting the budget shortfall that will include cuts, non-state revenue sources, and increased carryover from this year's funding. Continuing education funds will probably be zeroed out---that funds our adjuncts and overloads. The Board of Trustees will probably not boost their contributions from the reserve as their plan is to spend down the reserves over the several years it will take for our state to recover. If they dip more into the reserves, it will mean even deeper cuts later on.

Would a 10% cut lead to lay-offs of full-time employees in 2009/10? We don't know, but it is a possibility now. Whatever cuts are made will be made as far from the students as possible.

Note in advocating for/against budget proposals in the May 19th election: do not send emails from your campus email address & do not make calls from your office phone.

College Council now has a website!

Next meetings

April 17th 8:30 to 10:30, and May 8th 8:30 to 10:30.

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Document author: Nick Strobel