College Council -- April 15, 2011

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The Accreditation Steering Committee (ASC) in conjunction with the Program Review Committee (formerly called Institutional Effectiveness Committee) has developed an upgraded process of linking the Unit Plan with budget decisions. The Unit Plan will become the Annual Program Review with additional questions that look at curriculum assessments (for instructional areas) and hiring decisions. The huge six-year program review will be modified and it will be called "Integrated Program Review". Two documents describing the process are:

Department chairs in particular should take a close look at the documents since they are the ones who have had to fill out the Unit Plans and the Program Reviews. Please send feedback to the ASC members that include Kate Pluta, Nan Gomez Heitzeberg, LaMont Schiers, and others.

Student Engagement Survey

The Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) is completed and faculty have until May 18, 2011 to complete the Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (CCFSSE). It is a detailed survey so give yourself 15-20 minutes to complete it.


Luminis will go live on May 15th. The production luminis server will be at Districtwide training dates for faculty to learn how to use the Course Studio feature will be the week of May 16th with training at BC on May 17th and also Flex Week, the week before fall semester start with BC training on August 16th and 17th. Each training session will be one hour long of instruction followed by a half hour of trying out Course Studio with the trainer (so a total of 1.5 hours). The server being used for the pilot this semester and that you can use for a "test drive" is at There is a two-page Course Studio tutorial you can access from the Inside BC homepage.

One word of warning: Wait until there's an announcement of the move to the new Luminis "production" server (at before you modify your Fall 2011 courses in Course Studio. The current Luminis "test drive" is on a different server (at and any changes you make now in the Course Studio for the Fall 2011 classes will not get transferred over to the production server.

There was a bit of discussion about what to do with the waitlisted students and their access to materials in a course's Course Studio area ("channel") or Moodle space. For summer session, the district went with the default mode of not giving waitlisted students access to a course's Moodle space (if a course was using Moodle). The Academic Senate passed a resolution regarding how the Luminis and Moodle should be integrated. One key part is that since students are required to show attendance when on the waitlist, they should be allowed to login to the Moodle shells when on the waitlist. The instructor can then determine their desired level of involvement of waitlisted students beyond logging in. Furthermore, if such an integration cannot be done, then the Moodle access should not be implemented in Luminis and faculty would use an enrollment key for their Moodle shells like they do now.

One obstacle is that all of the college's have to agree to this procedure and it will take the IT techs time to do the coding. I don't know if our Academic Senate president has coordinated with the other college Academic Senates on this matter yet. If we do go with what the BC Academic Senate has resolved, when do we give the waitlisted students access to the course's Moodle shell or Course Studio channel? Do we give all of the waitlisted students access to the course's Moodle shell or Course Studio channel or just the top X students on the waitlist? There were some other issues around the waitlisted students and access to the Moodle shell or Course Studio that I couldn't understand so I can't remember them. Anyway, it means that we need the IT director and webmaster to talk with the Academic Senate to resolve these issues because I don't think the Academic Senate knew about all of the potential problems beyond having all the colleges agree on a procedure.


LA building elevator: should be available for use the week after spring break. Some other projects like the SAM remodel have been approved and funding approved but won't get started until the state budget has been finalized and signed by the Governor. Therefore, November will probably be the soonest that anything could begin and actual start might wait until the end of Fall 2011.

Projects that will start sometime after commencement: extra ADA slots near the Huddle-Math-Science area---in the staff parking area in the loop off of Mt Vernon just north of Christmas Tree Lane; GET Bus terminal on Panorama Drive; NE parking lot will be closed for three to four weeks so that a slurry coat can be put on the lot and restriped and day-permit parking dispensers installed.

Other facility notes are in the April 6, 2011 Facilities Planning Update doc (Word doc).


We're now planning for the "doomsday" scenarios outlined in my March 4th report. Figures from Tom Burke say that if BC uses all of its projected carryover to backfill, we'll still need to look at cutting about $1.8 million from this year's budget levels for next year's budget that starts July 1st.

Faculty hiring: Only the 7 replacements plus just one new faculty position will be hired. The new faculty position hire will be in BMIT (I think it is for the Computer Studies area). The new faculty position hire is the result of a recent ruling on the Faculty Obligation Number that says we cannot count a one-year full-time temporary faculty in the FON. That ruling led to KCCD needing to hire 3 additional full-time faculty, one of which is at BC.

Budget Committee Criteria

The Budget Committee is still working on criteria for budget decisions and recommendations but I think we've reached an end to how far we can go or we're at a writer's block phase or something like "analysis paralysis" and we need some fresh perspective on the criteria. The criteria are supposed to be broad enough to be applicable to all levels of the college. Below is the latest incarnation of the draft criteria. Please send me any feedback (or questions) on what you think of this latest draft of criteria that will be used: by department chairs/directors in preparing recommendations to their dean/supervisor for money needed, by deans/supervisors in filtering recommendations on up to the vice-presidents/executive directors, by the vice-presidents/executive directors, and by the college president in making the final budget decisions. Although the criteria list is not yet "ready for prime-time", I'm listing below the current draft to get some feedback from you as one of the faculty reps. It is my understanding that the criteria we develop will be used for development of the budget for the fiscal year that starts July 2012. That development starts in October (?) 2011.

April 15, 2011 draft

With the goal of maintaining quality programs and services in all administrative, instructional, and student support areas, those making budget recommendations and decisions will use data and the following criteria: 

  • Technology needs (i.e., Computers, Software, Network, Teleconference and videoconference

  • All budget decision-makers will communicate their decisions and the rationale with the sector of the college community they oversee. The rationale will address the identified criteria and data used.

    Enrollment Management

    Student Success

    April 1st's College Council was focussed on student success and I presented all of the feedback I had received from you all on this. I removed names and gave all of the comments verbatim. Look for an announcement of another brown bag lunch meeting sometime in the week or two after Spring Break where we will talk about student success with Greg Chamberlain.

    There were three student success initiatives highlighted at Thursday's (April 14th) Board of Trustees meeting that was held at BC. They were MESA Week 0, STEM assistant (peer tutoring), and an English 60 course combined with another course where students felt they were part of a team.

    Some other student success items from the April 1st meeting include a summer bridge program (for high school seniors and going straight into college), increase learning communities, more training on the effective use of technology in teaching, training for students on how to use the technology tools we have at BC (how to use the BanWeb student features more effectively, use the library databases more effectively, how to use email properly, etc.), more student services people, student success courses (we have STDV B6 for how to be a Master Student and look at things that Sierra College has for bundling an English course with student development content).

    By the way, to find out what prerequisites are coded into Banner for your class:

    1. In BanWeb faculty menu, select Fall 2011 (won't work for the current semester)
    2. Select Faculty Detail Schedule
    3. Select a given CRN for the course of interest
    4. In the "Class Schedule Listing" that comes up, select the CRN of the course of interest again
    5. The prerequisites coded in BanWeb are listed on the "Detailed Class Information" page that pops up.

    You are able to check a students placement test scores. Here's how to do that:

    1. Select their name in the Class Roster
    2. Select "View Student Information" in the Student Information page that comes up
    3. Select "View Student Test Scores" and "View Student Academic History" at the bottom of the "Faculty View of Student Information" page that comes up to see their placement scores and whatever courses they might have completed to satisfy the prerequisite for your courses.

    If you find a student in your class for whom BanWeb allowed into your course despite the prerequites (i.e., BanWeb did not enforce the prerequisite, contact Sue Vaughn with the details of the CRN and student name and campus ID ("@ number").

    College Goals

    Well, we're not going to have those completed by the time spring 2011 semester ends. As of April 14th, just thirty-some people had completed the survey. I think focus groups were conducted for FCDC and the inter-club collegiate council (students) but I could be wrong on which two groups had been done. Goals will be finalized in the first few weeks of Fall 2011 semester.

    Other Things We Need to Know

    Hands Across California route

    Next meetings

    May 6 all at 8:30 to 10:30 AM.

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