College Council -- April 16, 2010

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Decision-Making Task Force

Revised values/assumptions of the Decision-Making Task Force document that will be in play when the group develops new processes for how decisions are made. They are posted in the DMTF section of the College Council website. The other revised document since the last meeting is the Graphic of the relationships between the legislative bodies, laws+regulations, and the executive support at the various levels, Please give me any feedback on these docs by May 6th.

Here is who is on the Decision-Making Task Force: Greg Chamberlain, John Gerhold, Michael McNellis, Sue Vaughn, Candice Sifuentes, Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg, Mary Jane Johnson, Ann Morgan, and Dan O'Connor.

College Goals

A group from College Council consisting of Primavera Arvizu, Pam Boyles, Antonio Alfaro and John Gerhold gave us a first draft of the type of questions that will be asked of the college community in a survey to develop college goals for the coming academic year. The survey will ask for what various groups and committees have done in the past year that are related to this year's goals as well as get input on possible new goals. Future steps:


The "new" Maintenance + Operations manager, Paula Bray, gave us a run-down on current and future projects.


Greg Chamberlain sent out a FAQ on the budget and college funding on April 15th that was developed by the budget taskforce as a way to clear up common misconceptions seen in the past budget survey(s) and still very much in evidence in the campus community today. The Budget FAQ is now posted on the College Council website for handy reference.

Zero-based budgeting is not really going on this time around but we're going to be transitioning toward that process for the following year. Forms just for the GUI (general unrestricted funding from the state) budgets are coming out this week (April 19th). Faculty chairs and directors will be having to justify the non-labor items of their area's budgets (the 4000s and above). The forms will be due in a couple of weeks. For the 4000s and above GUI budgets, chairs and directors will list what are their area's expenses and then they will need to justify all of the expenses as to how it fits in the college goals and mission. For example, "In order to maintain 6 sections, we need X supplies at Y cost." Chairs and directors will be given their area's past year's expenses as a reference.

For the 2010-11 fiscal year (starts July 1, 2010), we need to identify 10% cuts in our 2009-10 BUDGET. After using $1 million of our carryover from the previous year and $1 million from the districtwide reserves, we will need to cut about $1.5 million from the 2009-10 budget. $520,000 of the cuts will be in classified staff layoffs. The other $1 million will come from other areas and personnel including some management positions.

At the next College Council meeting (May 7th) we will have a proposed new Org Chart with shifted boxes as a result of additional losses of deans discussed at the March 5th College Council meeting. The major consideration of the shifting of department boxes in the Org Chart will be equitable load for the remaining deans---equitable number of faculty, especially for taking care of faculty evaluations.

I asked Greg four questions about upcoming cuts to management and classified staff. Here are my questions and his response as best as I can summarize.

  1. What plans are being made to take care of all of the required administrative things with fewer people?
  2. As a corollary, what things will the college management and classified staff NOT be doing in the future as a result of the cuts in personnel?

    The specific things that will need to still be done and what will not be done has not be identified YET but the management team has started the conversation.

  3. What steps will the management team take to address drop in morale that would result from the cuts? Although morale is a "soft" thing that is hard to quantify in monetary terms, it does have a strong effect on productivity.

    He and the rest of the management have tried to prepare people for these cuts by keeping us aware of the need to make cuts as far back as the previous academic year and to frequently remind us all of the upcoming cuts. This next year and the following year (an additional 5% cut!) are going to be very difficult for everyone---those who are laid off and those who remain. The best we can do is to make the process as transparent as we can and to improve transparency.

  4. Even though I'm on the budget taskforce and we have in the FAQ that the district office also had to make 10% cuts, I'm still in the dark as to what those cuts have been. Have there been proposed cuts in the number of management positions from this year's roster or have the cuts been just at the classified level (2 or 3 I recall from last week's BOT meeting)?

    Two managers in the Human Resources department will be cut next year and an executive secretary (confidential management) position currently held by Karen Sallee will be cut.

    Greg promised to send me the list of district office cuts that were presented to a BOT meeting by April 21st for more details. I will update this page when I get more details.

My thoughts/opinion on the upcoming cuts given to Board of Trustees at their April meeting.

AMGEN Bike Race

The 2010 AMGEN Tour of California bike race will be coming to Bakersfield on Thursday, May 20th. This is a HUGE event drawing the world's elite cyclists and Bakersfield College is going to be one of the stations. There are going to be many thousands of spectators coming to BC on that day, so you may want to make plans (if possible) to avoid the campus on that day. The northeast parking lot will be closed on the day before (Wednesday, May 19th) for set up and also the day of the race. There will be all sorts of events going on associated with the race from about noon to about 4:30 PM on May 20th and everything is supposed to be cleaned up by about 5:30 PM. The cyclists will whiz by BC between 3:17 and 4:03 PM.

The entire southwest parking lot area will be for spectators (remember many thousands of them!). The Administration and the old Tennis Courts and the spaces next to the Language Arts buildings will be open to staff only.

The latest stage 5 map shows that the cyclists will be coming down Round Mountain Road to China Grade Loop to Haley to Panorama. The stage 5 log says that they'll get onto Alfred Harrell Hwy then onto Fairfax for a short bit then back on Alfred Harrell Hwy then take the Oildale Exit/China Grade and get onto Panorama Drive from Haley before finishing up at BC between 3:16 to 4:01 PM. Select the thumbnail of the map below to bring up a route map as best as I've been able to figure out. Other details of the Stage 5: Visalia to Bakersfield can be found on the stage 5 page.

AMGEN route (select to bring up larger map) Select the thumbnail to bring up a larger version of the BC section of the route map. Link to a PDF version of the map (9.3 MB!)

Update: BC's AMGEN website for Employees and Visitors

Note from Amber Chiang (our PIO person): Full information on the impact to Bakersfield College of the AMGEN Tour of California race on Thursday, May 20 is available on the Bakersfield College website at: This includes road and parking lot closures, staff parking requirements, convenience recommendations, opportunities to promote your program and a map of all aspects of the campus. As with everything, there may be changes or additions to what you read, but we will be communicating with you regularly to ensure you are completely aware of what is happening.

Term Expiration

Some members of College Council will be ending their terms in May. See the College Council charge page for the complete membership list. The Academic Senate office will be working on elections for those faculty departments with rep terms expiring. However, you have me for another year.

Next meetings

For year 2009/10, meetings will be on 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month 8:30 to 10:30 unless it is a holiday or finals week. Next meeting is May 7th at 8:30 to 10:30. Meetings during the summer will be on Thursday mornings.

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