College Council -- April 17, 2009

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My thanks to Isabel Stierle for sitting in for me and representing our area as I was unable to attend the April 17th meeting.

College Goals -- Renegade 2012 / Action 2012

The web-based survey is ready to go and will be announced next week (week of April 20th) with a deadline of Friday, May 24th. People will be asked to give input on any one or more of the Renegade 2012 seven strategic initiatives. There was supposed to be an "Other" category in the survey for those new critical things that have arisen since the Renegade 2012 strategic plan was developed in 2007, but that was left out of the survey. Each one of us does not have to come up with a goal for each of the areas; just whatever particular area or areas that you want. If you have something for the "Other" category, please email me your suggested "Other" goals by Monday, April 27th. I'll make sure they get to the goals task force.

Here are the seven areas + Other for your reference. For more details, see my March 20, 2009 report.

Renegade 2012 Seven Strategic Initiatives (+ strategies/goals within) + Other

  1. Student Excellence: Improve services to all students and remove barriers to academic and occupational success.
  2. Communication: Improve our internal and external culture of communication by developing comprehensive communication protocols. We will incorporate effective uses of technology with targeted training opportunities within multiple communication venues.
  3. Oversight and Accountability: Improve relationships and connections with all stakeholders including campus constituencies, the district, and the student and business communities we serve.
  4. Fiscal Responsibility: Ensure effective and efficient use of available resources to meet the mission of the college.
  5. Facilities: Create a safe, attractive and well-maintained campus environment (now and in the future).
  6. Image: Enhance the image of Bakersfield College to external and internal audiences.
  7. Linkages: Improve links between campus planning, assessment, program review, curriculum, and budget processes.
  8. Other: Anything in here we know now in March/April 2009 that we didn't know back in 2007/08?

A task force will compile the results and will report to the College Council at the May 8th meeting.

The Action 2012 Steering Committee will be meeting on May 11th to review what has happened in the College Strategic Initiative (CSI) teams and will make a presentation to the College Council at the May 21st meeting.

Facilities & Planning

For the most recent Facilities document updating you on what's happening construction-wise on campus, see the April 1st Facilities document posted on the Exchange Public Folders area (the link will take you to the specific document on the Outlook Webserver---you will need to login to the Exchange server using your usual Outlook Web access codes). It is a Word document that will be downloaded to your computer. If for some reason, it doesn't download properly, here's the path to it on the public folders: Public Folders : Bakersfield College : College Council : 08-09 College Council : attachments (and select "Update 4.1.09" link). This is the same document used at the April 17th meeting.

Concerns were expressed about the effect of all of the construction and commencement and the possible dangers that might result from all of the trenches that have been dug where people will be walking across after commencement is through, especially in the dark. There will be plates put over any trenches that people would have access to. Other areas with open trenches will be fenced off.

Delivery vehicles will need to take alternate routes to reach the mailroom because their usual route is cut off due to the construction. Instead of entering the campus from the Haley entrance, they'll be entering through the University Avenue entrance and getting onto the sidewalk between Business Services and Levinson, next to the Library.


Many of our critical services at the college are being done by teams of one person. This puts us in a real bind when that one person is out on vacation or sick—no one else can fill their position. We need to identify those areas/services that have a team of one person. Please let me or Greg Chamberlain know of any areas/services that you know are handled by only one person. Areas/services we already know include: Mary Jane Johnson – scheduling technician, Tarina Perry – campus scheduler, Janna Oldham – curriculum, business service functions – Edwina Rauser (checks) & Sharon Odermann (purchase order approval), scheduling in Delano, Judy Ahl – information technology, shipping & receiving.  Any others?

The Administrative Council will implement cross-training for those identified areas. All employee groups will be notified of any of the cross training that needs to happen before it is implemented.


Ten percent cuts in our department/program budgets are being identified. Don't forget the May 19th special election!

Note in advocating for/against budget proposals in the May 19th election: do not send emails from your campus email address & do not make calls from your office phone.

How will the budget cuts affect our new faculty hires? Probably minor to no effect as we do have to abide by our Full-Time Faculty Obligation (now called "Faculty Obligation Number"). There will be fewer new faculty hires than retirees. We are still in compliance with the 50% law. More info will be shared at the May 8th meeting of College Council.

The college needs to develop a formal policy and procedures on Program Discontinuation. The Academic Senate will play a key role in this and it needs to be created sooner rather than later. Program Discontinuation has been on the Academic Senate's agenda for at least a year and it cannot put it off any longer or management will be forced to create something themselves in light of the budget problems.


The Accreditation Task Force has been working on the Mid-Term Report which is due to the Accreditation Commission in October (Oct 15th). A draft of the Mid-Term Report will be ready in May for review and comment by the college. Hopefully, it will be ready before finals. The Mid-Term Report has to be approved by the Board of Trustees before it is sent off to the Accreditation Commission. Therefore, our review timeline has to take that into account so that the Mid-Term Report is sent off in time. It may mean that our time to review the report is during the summer.

There are a number of areas that our college has to address and complete! The list available at our IRP site (link to PDF document) is three pages long.

BC Identity Standards

A new Bakersfield College Identity Standards and Media Policy guide sets out the necessary guidelines for the application of the College's logo and name identity, as well as for the creation of publications for the College. Bakersfield College’s logo and bar should appear on all printed materials representing the College. This includes banners, fliers, brochures and other printed material. Additionally, the logo should appear on all wearable and promotional items. To maintain a high standard of quality, these graphic images of Bakersfield College should never be broken apart, manipulated or recreated to suit a design. Go to the Bakersfield College Identity Standards and Media Policy guide webpage to download the guide and any graphics/logos you might need.

Online Schedule

The class schedule available on the BC website has had some errors due to some things not being updated often enough. A greater effort will made to keep all of the information on the BC website class schedule page current but students should use the BanWeb schedule page for what is still open as that is tied directly to the system that actually does the registering.

College Council now has a website!

Next meetings

May 8th 8:30 to 10:30, May 21st 8:30 to 10:30, June 18th 8:30 to 10:30, July 16th 8:30 to 10:30

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