College Council -- August 12, 2011

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The Accreditation Steering Committee and some of the Self Evaluation Committee worked through the summer primarily on the new documents for the Annual Program Review process. Latest iterations including the Budget Decision-making Criteria are posted in the Annual Program Review section of the ASC's website (select the link to go to it). In addition we were given a progress report on what's been going on with responses to the 14 recommendations from the mid-term report.

College Goals

See the BC Goals page for this year's goals. They were approved by the May 20th college council and slightly tweaked to clarify (and correct spelling errors) by the Academic Senate Executive board in late May. They are up for formal approval at the Academic Senate's Sept 7th meeting.


The $4 billion in anticipated revenue in the state budget approved by the Governor and state legislature will not be met but we had already planned on it not being met. Therefore, we do not anticipate any mid-year cuts. The final budget will be adopted by the Board of Trustees at their September meeting. There will be some increase in the Continuing Education part of the budget that pays for adjuncts and overload to more accurately reflect what we had already planned for number of section offerings. Dollars will be shifted from college carryover.

Bakersfield College was significantly over our target FTES (by several hundred) last year. The target FTES is already over the cap FTES above which the state gives us funding. This year we're trying to get our target FTES closer to the cap FTES value. Current enrollment (the two weeks before semester start) trends seem to be running a bit below the cap FTES, so Nan will be working with faculty chairs to possibly increase class maximums for some sections of classes, i.e., the increase would happen for specific CRNs for this semester only. The "Add More Seats" button in our waitlist page has been taken away, so there will not be any blanket (college-wide) increases possible.

Faculty Hiring: we were able to fill all but one of the positions that went out for hire. The one position that is still unfilled is the Political Science instructor at Delano. Earlier this month we found out that Natalie Bursztyn will be leaving BC so that will be a position that will eventually need to be filled. Isabel Stierle is on a leave of absence, so we'll have either adjuncts or overloads or combination thereof to fill her classes. Districtwide, the Faculty Obligation Number is 0.8 above the level mandated by the state Board of Governors.

District + Campus Technology (IT): we'll be interviewing for the Director of Information Technology at BC. This has been filled in the interim by Todd Coston, who will be one of the candidates. There will be shifts in personnel duties related to our web presence. David Barnett will be working in a districtwide position on the back-end engine of our web applications. He'll eventually have two others working with him. At the colleges will be a web content manager who will be working under Amber. This reflects our web strategy: Luminis (InsideBC) will be used for internal communication including that for current students while the website will be used to communicate with the world outside of BC.

The Budget Decision-making Criteria that will be used this year is now posted on the Budget Committee website and the ASC's Annual Program Review webpage.

Student Success

There was a districtwide summit on student success in July facilitated by Brad Phillips of Cal-Pass (Cal-PASS is an initiative that collects, analyzes and shares student data in order to track performance and improve success from elementary school through university). There was a lot of discussion at the summit on what student success is and how to measure student success. Looks like it all boils down to "completion of a class" because that is key to moving forward with one's education. My fears with this are measurement will be number of students getting C or higher. If faculty are evaluated formally or informally (by who gets assigned to which class or some sort of financial incentives), how do we guard against grade inflation? This was not discussed at the summit. I think of the cases of some K12 districts who outright cheated on their state standardized tests and the slow grade inflation that has happened over the years at some Ivy League schools. If the state ties some of our funding to student success, what do you think will happen to the standards of course quality? Now I know that most faculty have the integrity to stick to their rigorous standards, but I'm not naive enough to think that that trait is universal. Also, for non-tenured faculty and adjuncts, the pressure is certainly greater than what the tenured faculty feel. So, how do we guard against grade inflation?


GET terminal at BC on Panorama Drive will be starting the week before semester starts. Warn your students of no parking along Panorama Drive. The GET terminal is scheduled to be finished by the end of year but since every construction project has unforeseen delays, figure on early next year. GET is paying for the terminal. Remodeling of the Simonson Performing Arts Center will begin sometime this center. No classes are scheduled in the building. Note that funding for this was approved years ago and the construction-related approvals have slowly winded their way through the labyrinth at the state, so those dollars are NOT being taken away from current funding or revenue.

Personnel from EMCOR will be working on our HVAC controls over the next few weeks so that they may be coming into your classroom or office. You can always verify who they are by asking for identification.

Other Things

Next meetings

First and third Fridays of the month at 8:30 to 10:30 AM.

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