College Council -- December 2, 2011

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There was NO meeting on November 18, 2011


We looked through excerpts of the Legislative Analyst's Office's (LAO) 2012-13 Budget: California's Fiscal Outlook. The deficit in the California state budget for 2012-13 is now projected to be $12.8 billion by the LAO. This assumes that all of the "triggers" (automatic cuts if optimistic revenue did not materialize as hoped for) of last year's Budget Act will be pulled and KCCD has already planned for all of those triggered cuts to take place. The economic recovery for California is going to be slow, not getting back to original levels until 2017 but it looks like we are on an upward (positive) trend IF the governor and state legislature stick to the deep cuts in the following years' budgets.

In my November report I wrote that the projected deficit for 2012-13 fiscal year was projected to be between $3 billion and $10 billion. That "deficit"figure I believe is the actually the "operating shortfall" for that fiscal year only (the difference between annual General Fund revenues and expenditures) and does not take into account deficits from previous years that still have to be taken care of too. The cumulative projected deficit at the end of 2013 was originally around $25 billion, so the $12.8 billion cumulative deficit figure at the end of 2013 is actually "good news" (it's all relative).

What this means for KCCD: the district's allocation from the state for the 2011-12 assumed 9% cuts in funding from the state when all of the "triggers" are pulled which turns out to be about $1.6 million greater reduction than what will actually happen for this fiscal year—we expect the cut to now be "only" $7.4 million to the district. That will mean we should get put back into our college budget some extra money sometime in February. BC's share of that $1.6 million is about 2/3rds or $1.07 million that will get added back into the current fiscal year's budget.

The district will be try to hire 5 NEW positions plus the 16 or 17 replacement positions ("separations" that include retirements, resignations, transfers to admin positions, etc.) Bakersfield College needs six replacements as of now: TG Thomas (Biological Sciences), Skip Hill (Counseling/DSPS), Natalie Bursztyn (Physical Science), Ralph Cazares (Behavioral Science), and Michele Bresso (Communication) plus the full-time, temporary Emergency Medical Technology faculty person. It turns out that the district had included "contingent on funding" positions and "full-time, temporary" positions in its full-time faculty count for the Faculty Obligation Number (FON) and they found out that that is incorrect. The FON has been frozen by the Board of Governors at the same 372.8 it has been for the past few years. The district wants to try to hire the 5 NEW positions to provide some cushion in case the faculty searches do not find qualified people who agree to come to KCCD and to put us in a bit better position for the eventual time when the Board of Governors unfreezes the FON. When the FON is eventually unfrozen it could mean a large number of full-time hires would need to be hired in a short amount of time. If we step up to that unfrozen future FON, it would mean less of a shock to the district's budget at that time.

How much of the 16 to 17 positions districtwide will BC get? Almost 100% certain it will be more than the 6 needed for the "separation" positions. Porterville College has a significantly higher percentage of full-time faculty than we and Cerro Coso do and they don't want any more full-time faculty. Cerro Coso needs to increase the percentage of full-time faculty they have on their rolls but they a smaller pot of money to draw from than we do. BC can't absorb all of the "separations" and the 5 additional new positions either, so there will be some "negotiating" going on at the Presidents Cabinet (Chancellor and college presidents) this coming week.


The ACCJC (accreditation) team will be on campus October 22-25, 2012 (Monday through Thursday). Some collegewide campus meetings might be re-scheduled to take place during that week so the accreditation team can see the committee in action and ask questions of the committee.

Student Loans

Bakersfield College will stop participating in the Federal Student Loan program in summer/fall 2012. We will still take care of loans for this spring. After this spring semester, students will need to go through regular commercial lenders for their student loans.

Parking Fees

Movement continues to increase student semester parking fees from the current $30/semester and to raise the daily parking permit that has been at just $1/day for many years. State regulations allow us to charge up to $50/semester for student parking. No limits on daily parking permits. The parking fee goes to resurfacing and restriping the lots, new parking lot lights, parking enforcement, security cameras, etc. We get ZERO funding from the state for roads, parking lots, parking lighting, parking enforcement, etc. We received some revenue figures from LaMont Schiers on semester permit purchases and daily pass permit purchases.

The students, of course, are not in favor of increasing parking fees because that increase will be tacked on to the additional $10/unit tuition increase they will have starting in the summer. Faculty are mixed on whether to have to pay for parking. If there is not additional enforcement of the staff parking areas, then the faculty are definitely NOT in favor of paying for parking. Students parking in staff areas has increased this year (anecdotal evidence). We asked for how much money is needed to take care of parking needs (lot repairs, lighting, enforcement, etc.) as the funding needs should determine how much of an increase in parking fees we need. We will get that in February. Discussion continues...





The GET terminal (paid fully by GET) is now expected to be completed in February. Bid on the SAM remodeling project will go out in January 2012 and demolition/construction will begin sometime in March. No GUI (general fund) dollars are being used for the SAM remodel. A different pot of state money is used for construction projects and this one was approved by the state YEARS ago before the economy downturn.

Nasty stuff coming out of the ducts in the Administration building have cause the Admissions & Records office to move to new locations. Most of the personnel are in A-17, Sue Vaughan is in the Senate office, and a few others are in other offices. We should still send people to the regular A&R office for them to be directed to the correct location depending on the student's particular need (there's a large sign telling students which office to go to). All of the duct work in the Admin building will be cleaned sometime during the break and the flooring in the A&R office will be replaced.

Decision Making Document Evaluation

A taskforce is being formed to evaluate the Decision Making Document (DMD) this semester. Does the DMD clearly explain to you how decisions are made on collegewide matters? If you are on the Senate or on a committee, does the DMD accurately describe your committee's charge and how it works? What else should be in the DMD to show you how decisions on collegewide matters are made? [One thing I think it needs is some sort of flowchart showing how the Annual Program Review is used to make decisions affecting faculty hiring, department supply budgets, etc.]

Focus groups for classified, faculty, and administration groups will be scheduled in early spring semester and a survey instrument for the entire campus will go out in early spring as well.

Other Things

Next meetings

First and third Fridays of the month at 8:30 to 10:30 AM (except finals and winter break).

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