College Council -- December 3, 2010

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Program Review: Academic Development

IEC Appraisal for Academic Development. It is a Word doc that will download from Outlook Wed/Exchange, so you'll need to login at the prompt. After you login, the doc will download. The department has grown by a lot in the past five (six) years: 20% increase in number of sections offered, 40% unduplicated headcount increase, 800% increase in success lab usage. They have also seen an increase in the success rate from 66% to 70% with an increase in retention: from 83% to 88%. The Critical Academic Skills workshops are still going well. They have partnered with the Culinary Arts program to create some CAS workshops as a pilot project of creating specialized CAS workshops for a particular program. They also created a first-year college success course. They emphasized that they make heavy use of data (from the institutional research office, admissions & records, surveys, focus groups) to determine which areas need improvement to better serve the needs of the students. They aren't afraid to share what isn't working with each other so that they get help from others to improve. With regard to sharing data of success/retention rates and other metrics, one notable quote is "If you aim at nothing, you will hit the target every time".



The Accreditation Steering Committee showed an example of the documents they are preparing for each of the self-evaluation groups in order to make the groups' work easier. The documents have a list of questions that the reports should answer all laid out in check box format. The example College Council was given dealt with college mission and effectiveness. When I get an electronic version, I'll provide a link to it for you to see the example.


The solar PV solar power field dedication on December 8th (Wednesday in Finals week) at 10 AM will be in the grassy area between FACE and the Outdoor Theater. The final phase to complete the PV solar field project will be done after the BC graduation. That included a slurry coat on the parking lot, final striping of the slots, and installation of parking permit dispensers.

After high school graduations are done with use of the Stadium, additional handicap parking areas will be made around the stadium. Apparently, that was part of the Planetarium remodel project four years ago!

SAM modernization is still on track to begin construction in August so class taught in there in the Fall (and probably Spring too) will be distributed to other places on campus. If I remember correctly, there may be some music classes that will take place at one of the high schools (?).

Broken glass doors in the Administration building will be replaced in the summer.

Other facility status reports are available in the December 1st facilities update (Word doc). After you log into Outlook Web, the Word document should download to your computer.


Any feedback on the Budget Allocation Model evaluation report and its recommendations? Things you like? Things you dislike? Let me know! Look it over: link to BAM evaluation document in the public folders. After you log into Outlook Web, the 1 MB PDF should download to your computer (or appear in your web browser). Note that one of the recommendations includes using an outside consultant. See the BAM evaluation report for the justification of this consultant. Also send the BC reps feedback: Lynn Krauss, Kate Pluta and Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg.

No change in the grim budget news. The soonest any expected improvement will be the 2015-16 fiscal year and that would be to return us to the already austere 2007-08 levels. We are still planning to make 5% cuts to next year's operating budget. The first meeting of the Budget Committee is Monday afternoon at 4 PM, December 6th. As one of the faculty reps, I'd appreciate any helpful ideas or strategies.

Enrollment Management

There were 3275 registrations in the first day of Open Registration---another record set. Many classes are already full with waitlists. By the way, the huge number of registrations we have occuring at once is a major reason why the Luminis portal hasn't been implemented. The system is designed to handle only up to several hundred simultaneous registrations. See my November ISIT report for more details on that, including how other schools handle the load.

When you hear complaints about students not getting into classes, keep in mind that we are "over cap" which means we have been enrolling more students than we get funding for. We have been doing this for many semesters. The administration with department chairs are looking to reduce the low-enrollment sections. Faculty will have the ability in Spring 2011 to add up to 5 more students to their sections on the first day if classroom space and pedagogy make that appropriate.

New Campus Network Login Procedures coming

On Thursday or Friday of finals week, an email will go out from Information Services telling people about new campus computer network login procedures. That one won't be a phishing attempt. The new login name will be the full campus email address and I think you will also be asked to enter a new password. This is all part of the move to a single sign-on through Luminis that will then give us access to other campus things like Banner/BanWeb, Moodle, network drives, etc.

BHS/Centennial Football Game Flak

There's been some controversy brewing about the decision to hold a major high school football game at Centennial instead of the BC Memorial Stadium in part because of the rental fees. An editorial in the Californian did not paint a favorable picture of BC because of that. The editorial did not bother to look at both sides of the issue and Greg Chamberlain is working with Amber Chiang on a letter to the editor about it. Here is what I heard from Greg Chamberlain on this subject (I am unfamiliar with any of the details of this controversy, so I can't offer any critique): The rental fees have to pay for security and custodial personnel as well as utility fees. We don't come out in a profit on that. Also, the $1 fee charged on every ticket goes into a fund for eventual stadium repairs that will come about with wear and tear so that we won't have to a special property tax assessment like KCCD did ten (?) years ago (that raised a HUGE stink among residents of the surrounding neighborhoods). The $1 fee is NOT charged if the group doesn't charge admission (such as high school graduations). With regard to BC keeping 90% of the concession fees: BC bears the full 100% of the expenses for the concessions so it seems to me that the groups using the stadium have been getting something for nothing with respect to the concessions. BC has also offered to swap BC Memorial Stadium costs for the rental fees we pay for use of Stockdale High School but KHSD has not wanted to do that. In the end when Centennial considers the additional expenses they will incur for additional seating rental and personnel/utility expenses for their football game, they will find the BC Memorial Stadium usage fees are quite a bargain.

My opinion: In this age of insecurity and coarseness, a negative opinion will make prominent news but a reasoned rebuttal laying out the facts will get buried in the back pages. (Is it any wonder that leaders who use reason and data to make their decisions get burned out?)

Next meetings

January 21, February 4, March 4 + 18, April 1 + 15, and May 6 all at 8:30 to 10:30 AM.

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