College Council -- February 24, 2012

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Last Friday was a holiday so College Council met the following Friday.


There was a bit of angst about the current academic/fiscal year's state funding but we should still be okay for the current year. We heard numbers from the Community College League of California that seemed to say the district would have nearly an additional $3 million in cuts for this year. No, it won't be that bad and we'll be able to take care of the current year's shortfall with carryover. The approved KCCD budget for this fiscal year assumes state funding to come in at about $337,000 more than what the CC League says we'll get from the state (using their figures as of February 24th anyway). Recall that the Board of Trustees adopted a very fiscally conservative budget with all sorts of state revenue shortfalls already figured in. Therefore, we've already made the cuts. One correction since this morning, though, is that our Chief Financial Officer, Tom Burke, is projecting as of February 24th that the state funding to KCCD will come in at about $993,000 less than the adopted KCCD budget. Bakersfield College's share of that is about 2/3rds or $662,000. The state continues to revise its revenue projections so please note that the numbers in my report are those known on February 24th. Tom Burke is investigating why the CC League's numbers are a bit rosier than his projections. It may be due to Tom Burke including more factors/terms in his formulae than what the CC League is using. Either way, the college carryover will be able to absorb the funding shortfall for this year—no mid-year cuts.

The big concern is the next fiscal year's budget where we'll need to figure on the Tax Package not passing in November (see my previous report for more on that). No new information about next fiscal year's budget at the meeting. I have heard that the trustees are considering planning for a two-year budget that might spread out the effect of the $4.6 million cut worse case scenario budget (if the Tax Package doesn't pass) but we'll have some hard choices to make in any case.


The first draft of the college's self evaluation report will be available for Bakersfield College employees to review and fact-check on Thursday of next week (March 1st). An email will be sent with a link to the report draft on a website. The link will not be published on any website so don't delete that email with the link!

The Accreditation Steering Committee chair, Kate Pluta, brought to our attention that the college needs to have discussion across the campus on student achievement, particularly with reference to the easily measured metrics of course completion rates, persistence rates, retention rates, etc. The college has a pretty good handle on being able to describe significant trends over the past five years but our accrediting agency (ACCJC) will be looking for us to be able to answer the following questions as well:

  1. Has the institution set performance expectations (key performance indicators or target goals) for its own performance, and how does it judge its achievement of the intended target goals?
  2. Is the institutional performance satisfactory?
  3. What changes have been made or are planned as a result of the analysis of the data?

As a college we have not discussed these three questions and we need to do so. I'd appreciate any of your thoughts on these and on how we increase our success rates while maintaining rigor and high quality.

Grants Task Force + Grants Update

The grants task force is recommending that we have a central clearinghouse for all grants being used at BC and they're looking into creating a grants routing form that has those going out for grants address such things as how the grant will correlate to college goals, mission, and values, how the grant activities will impact our facilities and personnel (especially all those who have to take care of compliance and reporting), and how the grant will affect the department and/or college budget while the grant is in force and after the grant is finished.

Jennifer Johnson reported from her meeting in Washington DC about the TAACCCT grant (aka "TAAC6" in previous reports). The grant is funded by the Department of Labor and Department of Education and covers many different areas. Bakersfield College will be focusing on the Basic Skills and Health Careers part of the grant by improving the college-level skills of students in our LVN/RN program. It is hoped that the things developed for those students will be applicable to the rest of our developmental students after the grant is finished.

College Goals

The college goals work group has interviewed several focus groups of faculty and administration and will be interviewing two focus groups of classified staff this coming week (on Feb 28th and 29th). A survey similar to the one last year was published today. Go to to give your feedback on goals for the coming year. The survey will be up until March 2nd. Budget 15-20 minutes for the survey if you have something to say about each of the goals. The college goals work group is also looking at the accreditation actionable improvement plans for developing its recommendation of college goals. Goals for the next academic year will be finalized by College Council and the Academic Senate by the end of this semester.

Evaluation of College Council

A survey on how well (or not) you think the College Council structure and process is going will be sent out on March 19th.


Parking Fees

Feedback from faculty on whether or not we should be charged for parking at the same rate as students falls into two basic groups: those who think it is fair to be charged for parking if we charge the students and those who see it as a disguised pay cut that we'll never recover once the economy rebounds and that hits the adjuncts and beginning faculty and classified staff hardest. Both are valid points. The faculty rep from the English, Math, ACDV, ESL area shared a handout of responses that echo both sides.

Comparisons have been made with CSUs and UCs but then again our salary levels are lower and I've heard that many California community colleges do not charge employees for parking. I would appreciate knowing which community colleges do not charge their employees for parking and which ones do, so please ask your contacts at other colleges about parking fees and let me know ASAP.

Other Things


Next meetings

First and third Fridays of the month at 8:30 to 10:30 AM (except finals and winter+summer break).

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