College Council -- February 26, 2010

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The usual agenda items were fairly brief this time but there were some things shared that were off topic that worthy of sharing that are after the usual items.


Below is the revised recommendation from the accreditation task force after feedback from the previous College Council meeting. This will be tweaked, finalized and approved by the Senate this semester.

Committee Charge (draft)

Standing governance committee charged with the following:

Scope of Authority (draft)

Formed to institutionalize the dynamic accreditation process, establish the structure of the Self-Study, methodically gather data, and prepare for the on-site visitation of the Accreditation Team in 2012 as well as future accreditation visits.

Reports to (draft)

College Council, Academic Senate. Should have a website for regular updates, clear communication channels to campus community.

Membership (draft)

Co-chaired by Vice President/Academic Affairs + faculty co-chair

5 Administrators from the following areas: Student Services, Research, Facilities, Instruction, IT.
2 Classified
5 Faculty, targeting those that have expertise within one or more of the accreditation standards: librarian, Career-Technical Education, general education, basic skills, student services plus the faculty Assessment co-chair (who is Bernadette Towns, from FACE).
1 student
2 community members (ad hoc)

All members of the committee should hae the following:

Decision-Making Task Force

No new documents passed out but a reminder about the online book in progress in the DMTF section of the College Council website. Here is who is on the Decision-Making Task Force: Greg Chamberlain, John Gerhold, Michael McNellis, Sue Vaughn, Candice Sifuentes, Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg, Mary Jane Johnson, Ann Morgan, and Dan O'Connor.


No updates or changes from previous meeting's construction report. The Levan Center will be completed February 28th and formally dedicated on March 4th.


CA state budget curve The figure at left shows the "J-shaped" state budget curve that district management and Board of Trustees are planning for. Next year there will be further cuts in our state funding. We'll probably hit bottom in 2012 and then start slowly climbing back up in 2013 (assuming that the legislators don't take the 2012 apocalypse as truth.)

There were various budget cuts scenarios being planned for for next fiscal year (starts July 1st): 5% cuts, 10% cuts, and 15% cuts. Our chief financial officer (Tom Burke at the district office) thinks it will be 10% cuts so that is what we're now figuring. It is hard settling on an actual budget because the revenue projections from the state keep fluctuating. Each college will be able to use one-third of their carryover from 2008-09 to fill holes in their 2009-10 funding and the Board of Trustees is expected to match that carryover with district reserves.

Meaningful Transfer Classes

It was in the budget discussion that "meaningful transfer" was brought forward as part of figuring out what classes we can continue to offer. Colleges are going to need to offer classes that their own students will actually need for the schools they transfer to rather than classes that could be transferable to some other school in the state. So Bakersfield College will need to focus on the courses that will transfer to CSUB and CSU Fresno. In our curriculum development faculty need to list three colleges offering a similar class at the lower division level. Sometimes one or more of those colleges are way out of the area so none of our students go to those colleges. As the state continues to tighten the screws, the state chancellor's office and legislature are taking a closer look at what the community colleges are offering to make sure the community colleges are offering transfer classes that would be actually useful for their students.

Enrollment Management

Because of how careful department chairs were this semester in limiting sections to just higher enrollment sections, we may be able to add some sections in the fall semester as long as they fit in the "golden three" of transfer, basic skills, and CTE.

As part of the report on enrollment we were told about the FTES reports sent to the state chancellor's office. Most of our funding is based on the number of Full-Time Equivalent Student (FTES) of the previous academic year. One FTES = 525 hours of student instruction/activity. There are three attendance types of classes: WSCH, DSCH, and Positive Attendance.

There are three reports sent to the state:

Honor Brunch Now Honor Reception

There will no longer be an Honor Brunch the morning/noon of graduation. Instead there will be an Honor's Reception on the Friday evening before finals and it will be free. This will make it easier for the families of students to attend (because of reduced work conflicts and cost for the families). The Student Government Association was unanimously in favor of this move. We should still have some sort of closing day gathering on graduation day but what will it look like is still to be determined.

Legislated Community College Degree

The state legislature is considering legislating a transfer degree (Assembly Bill 440 and Senate Bill 1440). This is not a good thing as among other things would remove local control of degrees and could lead to legislative curriculum dictates (do we really want the state legislature developing our curriculum?). If there must be some sort of transfer degree, it should be put in Title 5 which faculty can help shape via the state Academic Senate. There will be six opportunities for you to participate in a conference call (using CCCConfer) on this between March 1st and March 4th (inclusive).

Call (888) 886-3951 and enter 932646 when asked for the pass code.

For more background see the following PDF docs:

Next meetings

For year 2009/10, meetings will be on 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month 8:30 to 10:30 unless it is a holiday or finals week. Next meeting is March 5th at 8:30 to 10:30.

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