College Council -- January 20, 2012

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The Governor released his 2012-13 budget proposal this week and the news is more negative than positive (but at least there is a little positive this time). The positive is that the projected deficit is about $11 billion LESS than the previous fiscal year. The negative is that we're still going to have cuts, only partial payback of what the state borrowed from the community college system in previous years, and it assumes a tax increase package is passed by the voters in November. If the tax increase does not pass, then KCCD (our college district) will see an additional 4.15% cut in state funding. I'll talk about that more below after talking about a thing called a "deficit factor" that affects the current 2011-12 funding.

A "deficit factor" is a euphemism for a mid-year cut. A "deficit factor" can arise when local property taxes or student fee revenues come in lower than the amount projected in the budget act. The deficit factor this time is primarily from significantly lower student fee revenue. Lower enrollments and/or more tuition fee waivers bring in lower student fee revenue with a much larger than expected number of tuition fee waivers being the main culprit this time around. That deficit factor is going to wipe out the extra money that I described in my December report. Since we had already planned for that contingency in the adopted 2011-12 KCCD budget, we have already absorbed the effect of the deficit factor and we will not see any further cuts to the 2011-12 KCCD budget. Here are the numbers for the 2011-12 KCCD budget (as known on January 20, 2012):

The Governor's 2012-13 proposed budget is a smaller budget than last year with a variety of cuts including education: reductions to Child Care and CAL Grants for our students and other cuts all amounting to about $1.321 billion cut from the previous year. The Governor is tooting an increase of $218.3 million in community college funding but that is only a partial payback of the approximately $1 billion that was borrowed from the community college system, so this is actually NOT an increase. Another thing the Governor is tooting is that the abolishment of the redevelopment agencies will mean more property tax money that can go into education. (When an area is designated a redevelopment zone, a portion of the property taxes is diverted away from counties and other local services in order to fund the agency's activities.) However, the Governor's budget proposes a reduction in the Proposition 98 General Fund that exactly offsets the increases in local property tax arising from the elimination of redevelopment agencies—the state gives with one hand and takes away with another hand, a typical sleight of hand that has been going on for years. Here's what this means for the 2012-13 KCCD budget (as known on January 20, 2012):


Kate Pluta shared the timeline of the 2012 Accreditation report. Here's the schedule from here on out:

Grants Task Force + Grants Update

A task force will be set up to look at criteria for what grants we should go out for and whether or not we should have a Grant Committee to review all grant proposals such as what Porterville College has. The task force will also develop recommendations on whether we should have a central clearinghouse of grants in operation at BC. People on the task force include Corny Rodrigues, Jennifer Marden, Jennifer Johnson, and one other person (Nan?).

The District Office's Grant and Resource Development section is found in the "Educational Services" section of the KCCD website. If you are on campus (not off-campus!), you will see a link to "Grants and Resource Dev." with a lock icon next to it. Select the link and enter your campus email username (just the username, not the full email address) and campus network password. Do we need something like this for the college itself?

The 12-college consortium TAAC6 grant group will meet at Harris Ranch in February to map out next steps for the $20 million over six years grant. Bakersfield College's share of the grant is $5.1 million and it will focus on improving education of those going into and already in the Allied Health program. BC people on that grant team include: Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg, Cindy Collier, Bonnie Suderman, Jennifer Johnson, Kimberly Van Horne, Paula Parkes, Becky Head, Corny Rodrigues, and Greg Chamberlain. (Have I missed anyone?)

College Mission + Vision review

The College Council reviewed the college's mission and vision statements and the council recommends that we re-affirm the statements. Do you agree? Anything we should change? Here are the statements:

Our Mission: With its heritage as a foundation and an eye toward the future, Bakersfield College provides the high quality education necessary for our socially and ethnically diverse students--whether they be vocational, transfer-oriented, developmental, or some combination of these--to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

We will accomplish our mission by:

Our Vision: The diverse communities we serve will trust Bakersfield College with their most precious resource, people. Our high standards of education and service will earn that trust. Our values will be evident in all that we do.

There was discussion on whether these statements are measurable, particularly the bulleted items in the mission. For example, the last bullet can be measured by the establishment of such things as the Safe Space sites, Veterans Resource Center. Another possible measure of that item could be human resource workshops or the number of claims of harassment—if the number of claims is small or zero, then we're doing well.




Admissions & Records office is now cleaned and operational. There was some problem with particulate matter in the air in the A&R office toward the end of Fall 2011 semester that required the personnel to be in various other locations while cleaning happened. The duct work in the Admin building was cleaned and the flooring in the A&R office was replaced.

There is new seating in the Forums. The new tablet arms will be replaced sometime this spring semester since an error at the factory sent us tablet arms with blonde wood instead of the dark (black?) ones that we ordered.

The Gymnasium floor was sanded and resurfaced over the break. Walls painted with the new floor makes it look quite spiffy.

New carpet in FACE 13 where DSP&S does specialty printing including brailwork for students.

New flooring in the AST building where Dan Johnson's automotive technology classes take place.

The GET terminal (paid fully by GET) is expected to be completed in February.

Bids on the SAM remodeling project were much higher than expected. The lowest bid was $2 million over what we could pay, so now we need to re-evaluate what need to be done and what can be done to reduce the cost. End users (faculty) WILL be consulted as part of this, of course. We expect to go out for new bids on the re-engineered project in March. No GUI (general fund) dollars are being used for the SAM remodel. A different pot of state money is used for construction projects and this one was approved by the state YEARS ago before the economy downturn.

Decision Making Document Evaluation

The Decision Making Document (DMD) evaluation task force made presentations to FCDC and to classified staff at the Classified Convocation (held the Friday before Opening Day). Presentations focused on what's in the DMD and how we think things work. Feedback will be gathered on what needs to be updated and improved in the DMD as well as improvement in our decision-making processes.


Next meetings

First and third Fridays of the month at 8:30 to 10:30 AM (except finals and winter+summer break).

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